Wow 6th trip to Vegas for 2009, better slow down next year. We are suckers for deals on Air Canada and Westjet, have gone for as little as 285 CDN taxes included direct flights both ways.

Usual visitors to MGM, Luxor and Mirage, decided to give Bellagio a go this time due to the 3 comp nights, $100 in free play and tickets to O (section 103 H17 & 18), best seats in the house, just far enough back from center stage to stay dry! A must see for anyone that likes the cirque shows. Probably the best with Ka a close second.

First time with renting a car with Avis, used Hertz last trip (never again) and usually use Enterprise (never a complaint with them, but no aeroplan miles) AVIS - great service very fast and effecient, but a few crappy cars, some good but some dinged up pretty bad. Be sure to check the car before you drive out. Had the choice of a 2010 Mailbu or Altima Hybrid. Wanted the Hybrid but it looked like the exhaust was all bent out of shape, took the Malibu to speed things up.

Check in at Bellagio was fast at 11am, Lake View Room 22nd floor, again almost dead center. Was nice to watch the fountains from the room, after years of watching them from the strip. Bed was comfortable, room was clean, bathroom very large and clean. Huge soaker tub and seperate shower, which we definetly prefer. Housekeeping twice daily, room always seemed to be tidy when we got back. Two chocaltes beside bed every night. Mini Bar lol, took pringles Sunday for a snack, well they were already open and half eaten. Called front desk, removed from billl without a problem. By the way, they check room keys at elevators 24 hours a day, kind of nice.

Restaurants - Buffet, Cafe and Jasmine. Buffet - not sure what all the hype is about, prefer the one at Wynn 10 to 1. Food was cold, very disorganized, you have prime rib here and au jus over at the salad bar??? Anyways almost every dish we tried was cold, large selection though, and if you like cold crab legs and shrimp then I guess its a good buy. Cafe - expensive but the food was actually quite good, service was in the middle but all around no real complaints. Jasmine - exceptional service, but then again it should be considering 2 steamed rice and 2 spring rolls with one chicken dish will run you 75 bucks for a snack before O (without drinks). I guess you pay for the view of the fountains. Come to think of it now I prefer MGM's buffet over this one, maybe it was just a bad day to go, not sure, heard so many good things about it.

Bellagio is nice, big, clean and busy, but to be honest, I prefer Mirage, Mandalay and MGM over this place. Everything is big and fancy, but when I am in Vegas I prefer to sit at a bar with friendly people play some vp have a few drinks, laugh and smile.... not be surrounded with wanna be socialites and stuck up people with really bad facelifts. It seems most of the people there are trying really hard to show you how rich they are. Does not really interest me. In vegas a decent clean, safe room and a casino full of friendly happy people is much more appealing than a few bentleys in the valet and suits worth more than my car.

The Casino - ok the part you want to know about. Was actually OK, gambled quite a bit for 2 of the 4 days, and pretty much held my own. Played max coins on most games this trip (had seen more than a few progressives get hit). For those of you who know the games I saw 9 quick hits come out on 2 separate machines one nickels and one pennies. Video poker was non stop jackpots just infront of the elevators. Almost everytime I walked by there was a jackpot on one or two of them, a few royals, alot of 4 aces with a kicker, 4 2's on a 50 play game - Even saw a progressive royal on a $10 machine hit for $46,000. Walked by as he was drawing the cards, was facinated by the $10 denomination and hit the held the Jack and Ace of spades and pulled the needed three spades $46,000 and change WOW. Was alot of action there for sure, I would seem to go down 2 or 3 hundred and then hit for 2 or 300, my best was on a few penny machines with 125 coins in, hit a few 40,000 coin bonuses as well as one for just over 60,000 the first night.
So not as tight as I am used to on the strip. What I did find tight for the first time in 4 trips was M resort. Wow no action on any of the games, went there 2 times this trip and boo nothing but sucking the bills out of my wallet. Sams town did the same thing this trip. Green Valley Ranch had some good vp going, hit aces and then 4's I think for about 300 bucks.

Weather - freezing, coldest I have experienced there. Was planning a trip the end of January, but now I may wait until February to check out Aria. Was not expecting pool weather but didn;t expect the threat of snow. Was zero alot. Too damn cold and windy....

If you are going soon, best of luck and just stay inside its always 70 in the casinos.