Thanks to everyone for their trip reports, I enjoy them all.

My wife and I are Las Vegas veterans, I lost count of our trips a long time ago, we normally go about 5 or 6 times a year, but this was only our 3rd time this year. We had a group of 7 for this trip, my wife was running the Las Vegas marathon. One of the people was new to our group, C fit in great and we hope to go with her again. Our flight left early on Saturday and we rented a minivan since we had to many people, everything went smooth.

We are Harrah's people, and we have now stayed at every Harrah's property in Las Vegas. This was our first time staying at Caesar's Palace. We stayed there for 4 nights, all comped. I hated it. The wait at the Diamond check in was terrible. The dealers there were rude and unprofessional. The distance to go anywhere, even on the property is too much. The distance from the self parking to the front of the property is ridiculous. It's just not worth it. To be fair the actual room in the Palace tower was good and the bathroom was huge. I wonder why they buy the HDTVs for the rooms there and then don't have HD service, that's just stupid. We will never stay at Caesar's Palace again, free or otherwise.

That rodeo event was in Las Vegas, so there were lots of people walking around in full cowboy costumes. It's so funny, we just laugh, especially at the ones with spurs on. It's about the same if I would dress up like Darth Vader and walk around like it's normal, then pretend I'm ACTUALLY Darth Vader. 'I find your lack of faith disturbing' I understand that some of them are actual cowboys, but, for example, I don't see any firefighters in Las Vegas walking around in full firefighting gear.

The marathon was on Sunday, we took the monorail down to MGM, then she walked from there to the start at Mandalay Bay. Later, the rest of us drove around in the van, cheering her on as best we could between stops at McDonalds, gambling, and me getting left when they drove off with the back door up. Thanks again for that guys! Tim and Bill did a good job getting us around and not getting stuck in too much traffic. We had a lot of fun, seemed like we were laughing the entire time. Amy finished in 4:43, good job Amy!

I played a lot of Blackjack and Craps this trip with some Pai Gow and random slots mixed in.

On Sunday night we went to our favorite restaurant in Las Vegas, Joe's Stone Crab in the Forum Shops. We go there at least once every trip and love it. It's not a trip to Las Vegas without going to Joe's. They went above and beyond for us this time. They put us in a private room in the back, it was as good as it gets! The steaks there are amazing. I love that place, the food is fantastic and they always treat us so good.

We normally do most of our gambling at Paris. I played Pai Gow with one of my favorite dealers, Veronica, she took my money in short order, but she is so nice that somehow it's ok. She seemed happy that I noticed that she got her braces off. Veronica: now with perfect teeth! I also played lots of quarter Blackjack there, ended up a little down, but not too bad. I also played quarter Craps at Paris and didn't do very good at all. I had some luck at my favorite IGT slot machine called Shake Your Booty. 'shake it, shake it!' Note to IGT executives: please make a 4 play machine of Shake Your Booty....please. I promise to play it often and to never play WMS machines ever again!

We went to Barbary Coast (I know, it's Bill's) and played some nickel Craps and actually made a few hundred. They have one of the giant 'battleship' craps tables there. It's too bad that Harrah's bought that place, but since they did I wish they would get it on the Total Rewards system. The bellman there, Mike is so nice. He always greets us by name. Years ago, we used to stay there, the rooms are actually quite nice. There is just something about that place, we always stop in there.

KG and C and I walked down to Encore in the rain. I liked it, I always enjoy the rain in Vegas, just because it's so rare. We had a great time at Encore, that place is beautiful. I appreciate how the dealers at Encore are so professional and friendly. We also made some money there.

We made a trip to the Palms on Monday to eat at Guardanos, it's a Mexican place and nothing special, but we enjoy it for an easy meal. We ate way too much and felt terrible, we called it a food coma. We played some Craps and Blackjack there and lost everything we bet and quickly headed back to the strip.

Thanks to Amy, Tim, KG, C, Bill, and Marie for a great trip.

Leaving Vegas is never fun, but we will be back in mid January.


The Good: 3 straight flushes at Pai Gow in one day with $10 on the bonus, Joe's Stone Crab, leaving with no markers out, being the monster that Tim created

The Bad: People in cowboy costumes everywhere, not being able to get on Pai Gow tables at Paris, cold weather

The Ugly: Staying at Caesars Palace, it won't happen again