This is our first trip report, but our 8th trip to Vegas. Us being husband (A) and wife 30 somthings married for 15 years. Since Vegas is our favorite place we decided to forego Christmas presents for each other this year and plan a January trip, our last trip was just in May. We decided to do the planning a little different this time (we usually book hotel and air together) and just booked the airfare in July and waited for the offers to come in.

Flight- US airways from DTW non-stop going. Northwest redeye coming home. We were asked to take a bump since flight was full and were offered $200 dollar vouchers each for a future flight plus a $30 voucher for food. We arrived home only about 4 hours later than planned. It was a little scary the first day to see that the airline you just flew on had an accident in New York yikes! But score $430 on the way home. We win!

Hotels- Hilton ($169 3 nights, 6 free buffets, spa passes, $150 if 50 reward dollars are earned) The Hiltons rooms are very nice and so is the property. A is 6'1 and always complains that the shower head is way too low it hits him about chest level. (We stayed here in May also) The first day we checked in really early (about 8 am) we were told the only room they had available was by the elevator, we thought it would be no problem BIG mistake. It sounded like you were in line for a roller coaster. We called in the middle of the night to have our room changed and they did it right away.

Riveria (2 free nights, free show, $25 dining credit, $200 gas offer)
We originally booked the Hilton for the first 3 nights and MGM for nights 4 and 5 @ 59.99 then received this offer from the Riveria, I am not sure why the Riveria sends us offers, but I think it has something to do with staying at the Westward Ho back in '05. Rooms are "remodeled" new furniture, new bedding, flat screen, and paint. Rest of the room looks like I assume it did when the Riveria first opened. Hey it was free.

Encore-(3 nights free $150 slot play) How did little penny players and low table limit gamblers like ourselves receive such a great offer? I have no idea. Unfortunately we were only able to use one night of the 3 nights due to our flight and work schedules Boo Hoo. What can we say about the Encore? It is amazingly beautiful, the rooms are all suites, the service is world class, staff are all very friendly and helpful and bend over backwards for you. We look at our hotel rooms usually as places just to rest in between running around, at Encore we never wanted to leave our room.

Gambling- Like I said before we are hardcore penny players. The only tables I did this time were because of matchplay coupons.
Hilton- I have no idea how you earn $50 reward dollars, trust me we tried and ended up between us both about $24. The Hilton was up and down. A likes the Wizard of Oz slot and spent alot of time on it. I hate it, I can never get a bonus game. On Thursday they have the 10,000 dollar wheel of winners, each player can earn 2 entries per day and 5 people are called up to spin the wheel, the smallest prize on the wheel is $1000. We thought we had a chance the hotel was dead all day and we had our 4 entries in there, low and behold here comes 7:30 and there are about 500 people in the Space Quest casino. We lose.
Planet Hollywood-25 dollars free slot play with one point earned (coupon MRB) we did pretty good here. A took away $70 using the free play. I wasn't doing so hot so decided to use the $25 matchplay on black (roulette, coupon MRB) Thank God it was black YAY! I win. ($75). We also played their free slot tournament and A won a really cool little flashlight, top prize is $25 freeplay. We were in another daily drawing here (we lose) we have pretty much decided to give up drawings all together. BTW all of the contestants from the Miss America pageant arrived while we were there it was pretty neat to see them.
Riveria-I did horrible here of course A made a $20 last forever and turned it into $60 before the show. I was probably down $60. After the show, I was ready to go to bed (still losing) A decided to try a 80 line game called White Orchid and won $145.
Encore/Wynn-Up and down. A had some good wins $290 on Green Acres and that was before breakfast and $147 on some kind of tiger game.
We made deposits everywhere we usually drop at least $20-40 everywhere we go no life changing wins but enough to keep us happy and going.

Food- How can 2 people eat 8 buffets in 6 days? We did it.
Hilton-(free) 3 times breakfast-very good
Sahara-($18.00 for 2) ok people this was desperation. Wasn't so bad, wasn't so good.
Rio-Dinner (carnival buffet) Always Good! ($25 total MRB coupon)
Wynn-Lunch Buffet (49.95 for 2) Wynn food is always fresh and delicious and worth the price.
Fremont- breakfast-Paradise Buffet (11.00 total MRB) I thought for breakfast this was cheap and good A says not so much. It was worth it for me just to see the funky decor.
Treasure Island- Dinner (44.00 for 2) pretty good a little over priced though for the choices.
Other- Kadys Coffee Shop Riveria (free with room would have been 22.50 with MRB coupon)Philly Cheesesteaks and fries. We both thought this was very good and a break from the buffet frenzy.
Zoozacrackers at the Wynn- (41.97 total) A had the Overstuffed Kosher Club and I had the Zoozaburger which was a burger with pastrami, coleslaw and russian dressing. Don't let the price fool you, it was worth every penny. Delicious!

Shows- We had free tickets at Riveria and decided on ICE. Go to the Box Office and they were on vacation. So we decided on the Comedy Club. The headliner made me laugh but the other comedians with him were mediocre, we're glad it was free.

Good-Encore (Please Steve invite us again!)
The new Mirage Volcano
New lower price of the Monorail
Rio and Wynn Buffet
Coming home with over half your budget!
Bad-A says Fremont buffet I say not so bad
Hilton shower
Timeshare people
People who scream when they win $10