Well this trip includes me and the wife,
We got to vegas via SWA and landed almost 30 minutes early and had to wait on a gate so we can get off the plane,once off the plane we get the car from enterprise and head over to the belligio and check in and the room was ready so we head up and notice right away how few people there was. So we get up to the room and the wife loved it but I think I was a little disappointed. I mean I thought it was going to be more than it was.
So we started to gamble and I can not believe how tight the machines was. Jut about every machine that we put money in a couple minutes later its gone with out even a kiss. Even the cards were brutal. So we decide this trip to kinda lay off the gaming and find other things to do that we have not done before. which is hard because we have be coming to vegas atleast 1 or 2 times a year for the last ten years.
But anyways we drove to laughlin and even there machines were tight and so we drove back to vegas and visited ethel m choc. factory it too was a disappointment. The last night at belligio the wife and I ordered room service one of the few things we was not disappointed in. The steaks was perfect. So we stayed in the room for a while longer and drank from the bottle we had picked up earlier.
The next day we checked out and went over to the MGM and found out that the only floor in the hotel that is smoking is 24th. We've always stayed in the west wing rooms and was told that they are all non smoking now. But the room we got was good but the machines was still tight. So we lounged around and visited almost every casino and the out come was the same lose lose LOSE. On the last day we checked out of the MGM and went over to the trop. and I finally able to get a head on a table. I played 3 card poker and got a straight flush and quickly put that money behind and walked away up 250 bucks.After leaving the trop. We went down town and got some lunch at binions cafe and it was great. after lunch we ran around until take off. ups on this trip
Landed early,won one hand of 3 card poker,found that penny machines payed more this trip.And the weather was GREAT. down side
We lost lost lost, which means the next trip is going to be a revenge trip which is already in the planning stages.