We flew out of Wichita on Allegiant Friday, great flight, love this airline. Rented a car from Payless, what a mess, it must have taken 1/2 hour which is a long time to me I'm ready for Vegas, I don't want to mess around there. They had everything so screwed up. My quote was 44.00 for the whole time we were there and they tried to charge us 172.00. Anyway we got to Rio about 4:30, Diamond check is is quick. So off to gamble. Didn't do well this time but that first night I played a magic eyes slot and hit pretty good got 3 eyes and hit about $200 so cashed out and found a Dean Martin machine which I never have any luck on but did ok this time. That was it for luck at Rio. I was down about $400.00 the first day. Since we had a car I went to Tropicana since I hadn't in a long time and I didn't want to throw anymore money away at Rio and won my money back there so I was happy. I just skipped around to different machines and if I hit anything I cashed out and moved on to another machine. I found a machine that had something to do with wild goose? anyway it was fun and I hit a couple bonuses and cashed out about $150 on it. I usually have good luck at Gold Coast so I went over there and couldn't win a dime, actually I never saw anyone hit anything good this time. Usually you see someone hit a jackpot somewhere but I think times really are hard for Vegas cause the airport was deserted and no crowds anywhere.

I checked the boards and "Best of Vegas" because I have been craving good chinese food and they said Ping Pang Pong at Gold Coast was 2nd best in all of Vegas at Gold Coast so we went over there to eat since its close to Rio. I am still searching for good Chinese food. I should have made the trip to P.F. Changs at Planet Hollywood they were No. 1. Thats what I get for being lazy. Sunday I went over to the Palms because everyone else was all about the Super bowl and didn't want to do anything but watch the game. I spent all afternoon over there and had a ball. They still have my "Reel em in" nickel slots. I was so happy. I also played the "Raiders of the Ark" slots those are really fun. I left there pretty much even but I know I probably won't get rich in Vegas but I like to be entertained and I sure was at the Palms.

We didn't make it to Roxy's to eat this time, it is so much fun and the best hamburger. I regret that but as always I loved my Vegas and can't wait to go back. Keep writing those boards I live through them and have fun on your next trip.