Thank you to everyone who posts reports; I read them literally every day and they've been so helpful in planning our Vegas trips.

Hubby and I headed to Vegas to see Elton John again before his Vegas run ends. We saw him last June and were blown away by the production, the small venue and Elton himself. (Hubby is 44 and I am 35.) This may have been our best trip to Vegas yet.

We were originally booked at Rio at a great rate but really prefer to stay on the Strip. The Mirage finally came through about five days before we left St. Louis. (We were sure we'd end up getting a great deal using Priceline but that didn't happen.)

This was our first stay at Mirage but likely won't be our last. Though we are not high rollers, they gave us a nice casino rate and upgrade to a strip view. The room was fine; a solid 4 star and recently renovated. We liked the decor very much. (Our favorite rooms in Vegas have been at Wynn and Trump--we can't wait to try Encore.) We had good meals at BLT Burger and Carnegie deli. Add in the super-nice bartenders at the video poker bar by the sportsbook (conveniently close to the deli, so you can get carryout while playing) and we were very happy. We meant to hit Onda for a glass of wine but that will have to wait until the next trip.

We also tried the spa and it was very good. The packages they have right now are excellent values; I got a facial, hot stone massage, manicure and pedicure for $250! Hubby said the steamroom wasn't nearly as nice as some he's been to, however.

We gambled at several places, with big wins coming at $1 video poker at Encore (me--four 4s with kicker) and Bellagio (hubby--four 2s and kicker). Hubby also did well in the sportsbooks at Mirage and Bellagio. He could not get anything going on craps (Casino Royale) this trip--but did come back and win back about half his craps losses. We also hit Paris, Wynn, Caesars and Flamingo for gambling. I love the Wizard of Oz machines and, while I lost money on them this trip, they kept me playing for hours which was great fun. I only wish the cocktail service would improve at all the casinos.

We had a wonderful dinner at Prime on Sunday evening. The ribeye was just perfect--bone-in and they slice it tableside (we split the smaller one and couldn't finish it). The wine list was lovely, as well. I had been itching to try Bubble Bar at Guy Savoy so we stopped in before the Elton John show. Wow! While the by-the-glass champagne is very expensive, we felt this was worth it. In addition to two amazing glasses, we were given small tastes of a wonderful foie gras with toast, a black olive croissant with parmesan and a mini-burger that contained mashed potatoes. We also shared the best steak tartare ever. It was a really wonderful way to begin an evening out. (Late that night we tried Wazuzu at Encore. We loved the Thai chicken with basil and the lobster sushi; the fried rice wasn't great, though.) We also ate at Enoteca San Marco at the Venetian; it was delicious. The fried proscuitto balls are a must-try. We also enjoyed the wine list and the opportunity to have small pours so we could try several wines.

It has become something of a tradition to have lunch at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris on our last day. This trip was no exception and we had a great lunch with good wine. The chopped salad in particular stood out and the oysters were some of the best we've had in a long time. A nice way to end the trip.

We spent quite a bit of time playing video poker at both Mirage and Bellagio (sportsbook and Fontana Bar--hubby's big win came at Fontana). The bartenders in all instances were just wonderful and kept the comped drinks flowing. We also learned (no surprise) that business is way down. Wynn and Encore still don't comp drinks at the bars, even if you are playing--but I won't complain due to my nice win at Encore. (We also had a great drink at Encore's lobby bar--fantastic people-watching.)

We hit Breeze Bar at TI for video poker for the first time. It was great and we'll be back. We liked the location, the machines kept us playing and the bartenders were great. We did have an incident here: we had two bags on the floor near hubby's feet (one with leftovers and one with a new shirt). I got up to go to the restroom and thankfully took my purse. Someone walked up and swiped both bags; a waitress noticed and everyone made a fuss. We didn't make a big deal of it, but appreciated the concern. We did get a chuckle: we're sure someone may have been disappointed in the olives, tiny piece of cheese and Hawaiian shirt. Lesson: watch your packages more closely!

We love to get up relatively early (usually between 7:30 and 8:30), grab coffee and walk the Strip. The weather this trip required a light jacket, which was great for extended walking. The coffee place at Mirage was good and it is nice they have a separate "drinks only" line in the morning.

We can't wait to go back and hope to sneak out this summer and enjoy one of the amazing pools!