Husband and I went for a qick trip to our favorite place. We are lucky that air fare is cheap so it allows us to go every few months or so. We are hosted so that really makes things great.

Business is down for Vegas. Everyone I talked to from floor people to coctail waitress said it's really bad. I will say there were not alot of people at the casino.

We played Pai gow and craps. WE ended up losing for the trip but had fun.

Many people complain about the hotel. Yes, it could stand some updating, especially the rooms. Again, we stay in a suite so we can't complain. However we have stayed in regular rooms as well and they need some work. When I had lunch with my host she explained that because of the ecomony they were supposed to update the rooms but have postponed this for a while.

AS far as food goes, we love the deli. Great sandwiches for a decent price. While we have eaten at eh steak house, it's not something I would do all the time. The prices are very high and everything is a la carte.

I enjoy reading what everyone else says about their trips.