This was a girls trip. Flew on SWA Tucson to Las Vegas. No problems whatsoever. On time, bags were where they were supposed to be. Took a cab to the Flamingo. Cab line was shorter than I had seen in the past. Checked in at platinum check-in and received a GO room comped for 4 night thanks to our host. It was a nice room with a view of Bellagio fountains and the fainting couch in front of the window. My friend and I each had our own room next door to each other, again thanks to our host.

Friend had a $75.00 coupon for the Range Steakhouse at Harrah's so we went over there for an early dinner. I have stayed and played at Harrah's many times before and had seen the Range right off the casino floor but had never been there. So we found the large copper doors and I pushed and they didn't budge. (this was about 5:30 p.m.) I said to my friend, oh they must be closed. So, we're looking at the sign trying to find the hours and I see this phone on the wall. I pick up the phone and the girl says "The Range" and I say, are you open? and she says, yes and I say, how do I get in? and she says, press the button. They were elevator doors, duh! When I pressed the button, they miraculously opened! This is a very nice restaurant. It has a very warm and comfortable feeling. So while we were waiting to be seated, a host comes up to the hostess station with these 2 average looking women and says to the hostess, "give them a $500.00 comp". I thought whoa, how could you even eat $500.00 worth of food. But I guess with the right bottle of wine, it could be done. We were seated promptly and they brought a really interesting basket of bread. There were 3 different kinds and one of them was called "pretzel bread" which was quite good. I ordered a glass of wine and the salmon. I dont' remember what my friend ordered, but she only drank iced tea as she is allergic to alcohol. The bill with tip was about $100.00. I think this would be pretty typical for 2 people. The food was above average. We enjoyed the experience.

We made our way back to the Flamingo, stopping at Impreial Palace to gamble for awhile. By the time we got back, I stopped at Bugsy's Bar and the television was on the plan crash that happened in Buffalo. I sat at the bar and watched that for awhile. It really hits home when you have just flown that day. Meanwhile our 3rd friend arrived. I actually went to bed kinda early- around midnight - to watch more of the news.

Friday morning I decided to go the the gym. I spoke to the friends and we decided to meet up later. I actually enjoyed working out and then got ready for the day. Met up with friends and we went to the Paris and had lunch at the cafe. Had a good meal - paid with points. We played for awhile at Bally's and then headed back to the Flamingo as we had tickets (comped) for Donny and Marie that evening. We met up for the show which was to begin at 7:30. We had assigned seats, so I didn't show up until about 7:15. We were seated at a table with 3 other people. Before the lights went down, one of my friends spotted one of our local officials (who we had heard would be in town that weekend) We couldn't believe it because she was with a man who was NOT her husband! We were having a blast with the scandal of it. One of my friends vowed to hang around after the show and say hello just to confirm it was her. The show was very good. I have never been a big fan, but Donny and Marie are very talented. They put on a fun show that lasted until after 10:00 p.m. There was alot of laughs and singing and dancing. An all around good show. After the show, my friend did hang back and came and found me and said, it wasn't her! I would have laid money on it. But she said when you got up close, it was obviously a different person. Guess that's how rumors get started!

Saturday I worked out at the gym again. This was also Valentine's Day. I went to the Sports Book and made some small bets on the Daytona 500 which was the next day. Then met up with friends and we walked down to the Wynn. We played there most of the afternoon and we each racked up enought points for the free buffet. We had dinner at the buffet which was above average. The coffee ice cream was the best I have ever tasted. It seems like some of the people staying at the Wynn are a little pretencious and rude. One lady with a bowl full of crab legs would have walked right over me if I had not moved out of her way. We made our way back via the Palazzo where I actually had some decent luck on the machines. I was actually ahead for the day (playing mostly penny machines - I especially like Goldfish). We also played at the Venetian and Imperial Palace before making it back to the Flamingo.

Sunday - I worked out again. When I got to my room, the maid was in there and asked if I could come back in 20 minutes. I said sure and went downstairs to try and figure out what time the race started. I was in the little cafe that makes the crepes when I saw a couple and the man had a Nascar hat on - so, I said, do you know what time the race starts? And he says, what race? I said, the Daytona 500. He said, I have no idea. WTF? Sunday was a rainy, dreary afternoon. We played here and there. No one had any big wins the entire trip. We had dinner at the cafe at the Flamingo. While waiting to be seated, we were treated (not) to two (sisters?) dressed in these tacky sweaters with these tacky hair ornaments, singing "Puppy Love" for everyone else waiting in line. We then cabbed over to the Rio for the evening. The cabbie said the volume is definitly down all over town. Couldn't win a thing at the Rio. When we left there about midnight, the cab line was like 200 people long.

Monday - we had a 10:45 a.m. flight (friend had boarding passes printed day before at Platinum check-in) so we were set to go. Cabbed it to the airport and checked bags at the curb. We were through secuty and at the gate in 20 minutes. Had an hour to kill so had breakfast and waited for flight. Flight home was fine except for some bumps coming over the mountains into Tucson. Collected bags and was home by mid-afternoon. (lost an hour).

Another fun trip. Does seem like the machines were tight. We didn't pay for a meal the entire time. Gym charges were also comped. I think the economy is really having an impact.

I left my cell phone charger in the room and called my host, who was nice enough to mail it to me. I hope to be able to do at least one more trip this year. Thanks to all for reading!