Fly out of KC at 430pm, arrive in Vegas at 545pm. Ellis Island picked me up at airport, and I checked in to The Platinum hotel with no problems.

I will not list everything we did, because we went to many places, and didn't win or lose much. I will share the good and the bad.


The Platinum: Behind Ballys and next to Ellis Island. This is a non-gaming condo/hotel. This place is nice. Everything looks brand new. Non-smoking, 1 and 2 bedroom suites, full living room and kitchen. Rooftop pool and free exercise room. Received a rate of $99 on the weekend, not bad.

Ellis Island: Steak dinner special $6.99. $1.50 beers all day, low table limits, clean.

Batista's Hole in the Wall Italian Restaurant: Behind Bill's Casino. This restaurant doesn't not serve the best or worst Italian food, but it is good and served with hefty portions. You go to Batistas for the atmosphere and the unlimited red/white wine. You also go to the the 80-something year old accordian player. Once you visit this place once, you will want to bring your friends to it. Prices are $18-30 (a bit high), but that includes soup or salad, garlic bread, entree, coffee at the end, and ULIMITED Wine.

O'Sheas: This place is always packed with a fun crowd. If you go on a weekend night the beer pong in back will be packed with a younger crowd. If you are hungry and on a budget, the food court includes a BK and Subway for some cheap eats. Lower limit gaming for being on the strip.

Casino Royale: $1 Michelobs (bottles)& margs all day, every day. They cleaned this place up a bit by extending the back part of the casino with a food court.

Golden Gate: Small, smoky casino downtown, but some of the best, cheapest food in Vegas. They have a great diner and well as a snack bar in the back with the hottest horseradish in town.

People selling bottled water on overpasses on Strip: A buck. That beats $4 at the casino or $6 out of your room.

If you can't already tell, I like to eat and drink a lot, without breaking the bank.

The Bad:

The food at the Platinum: Save your money and go next door to Ellis Island. The Platinum's food is expensive and not good. If you desire a high class meal, go to the strip -5 minute walk from the Platinum.

Bums asking for money: I never give money to the bums, but will give leftover food. I walked from Batistas to Ellis Island with an enire box of spag meatballs. Didn't see a single bum, threw it in the trash.

Flamingo video poker at the bars: That money goes so quickly, I am $20 in the hole before the bartender serves me a drink. I have been there 20 times with the same result.

Imperial Palace: A dump. They should tear it down. The bartenders will try to avoid you while playing vid poker at the bar to keep their comps down. Total dump.

Foreigh Dealers: Seriously - Get a personality. If I'm going to drop a couple of large at your table, smile, talk, be fun. My motto is if you are a foreigh gal in las vegas, and don't like dealing, become a massage theripist. "Me love you long time".

Monorail: Expensive and not convenient. If you are with friends, share a cab or take the bus up and down the strip.

Dudes flipping nudie cards on the strip: It must attract customers, or they wouldn't do it. What a waste of trees.

Harrahs: Nothing unique about any of their properties. I hate knowing they own half of the strip. They aquire casinos and ruin them. Ruin thier atmosphere, their personality, and they lose talented staff.

That is it for now, I hope you enjoyed.