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Safely arrived in the sardine can they call a packed flight (YES, VEGAS IS VERY BUSY AND CROWDED)--
Love staying at TI--friendly dealers and slot attendants--
Terrific food at the coffee shop--
I thought the slots were "tighter" than they usually are--I had a couple of hand-pays on the $5 slots but thought the dollars were not generous at all!!
Had some fun with blackjack and roulette--
Great dinners at Prime (the best steakhouse on the strip) and Joe's Stone Crabs (at the Forum shops--just as good as the original restaurant in Miami Beach)--
Saw Donny and Marie (with the meet and greet after the show)--very entertaining--loved their energy and enthusiasm.
Saw "O" for the third time and thought it was just as wonderful as the first time I saw it--
Heading back in April to try to win back my losses!