We've stayed at the Plaza for at least 6 years. Our Feb. trip was our last. It has been going down hill for years and finally hit rock bottom. You should ask for an extra set of bedding when you check in. That way you can put one set on the floor so your feet won't touch the carpet. It takes at least 15-20 minutes to get ANY hot water to the shower on the upper floors (14th). What happened to trying to conserve water? You waste about 4 days worth just to get tepid water to shower in. It makes not taking clean towels every day a real joke. No ironing board. No hair dryer. Filthy windows. The real topper was.........out of the 6 elevators only 2 (TWO!!!!!!) were working. They were waiting for parts for the 4 that were down. Want to know how much time was spent standing in front of the elevator doors waiting, and waiting and waiting? You get my point. We love down town but will definately look else where for lodging from now on.