Paris: March 3-6:
Here goes another trip report, so bear with me, sit back and enjoy:
Tuesday: March 3: Kelly's Birthday: The trip starts out at 5am leaving my small town and headed for the Omaha airport. The weather is nice and the drive goes fast. I have to stop and pick up Rick at his house in West Omaha. He has the coffee on, so that's a great start to the early morning. Load his bags and off we go to Harrah's to park in the Diamond Parking and catch the shuttle to the airport. Our friend Joel is waiting in the lobby (he spent the night at Harrah's), the shuttle arrives and off we go. Arrive at the Southwest doors and since we are already checked in, we go directly to the gate, through security and here we are. Its 7:50am, so we have an hr until our flight takes off, but that passes quickly.
Uneventful flight, but we do start out the trip with some beverages to help get in that Vegas spirit. We arrive on time (10:00am) and get on the tram to head over to the main terminal. Now I have taken this tram many times, but when we boarded this was a first....we were the ONLY ones on the three-car tram!!!..UH? Maybe this one wasn't working.. nope..doors close and off we go...couldn't believe it..guess things are really slow. Anyhow, arrive in the main terminal and off to taxi land, there was a very short line, but we got directed to spot #10 and there was our taxi.in we hop and tell him the Paris and NO tunnel.he says ok and we arrive in great time and a great fare ($13.60), head to Diamond check in and our room is ready (room 986). In the original reservation, I did request a Red room, but for some reason we didn't get that, but that was ok (sorry to disappoint Kandik, as she wanted a picture of us in that 'lip' sofa) as we had a great view of the pool, the tower and the strip, so we didn't mind.
We unpack and go to meet Joel who was staying at Bally's. We try our luck in Bally's as we are waiting, but nothing (as would be the case the rest of the day!). We were hungry, so we wondered down the strip to Harrah's to catch the Sam's Town shuttle as I had to check in there also (more people coming out later that day). Well, we just missed the shuttle, so darn, we had to play a bit at Harrah's to pass the time until the next shuttle. In the mean time, my aunt, uncle and cousin drive in from Laughlin (they were visiting down there and came up to meet us). Rick and Joel head back to Paris to meet up with them and I caught the shuttle out to Sam's. Arrived there, checked in, up to room 248. Grabbed a bite to eat in the food court and out to the dollar poker machine that was so good to me last trip.but alas, no luck, so I decided I better cut my losses and head back to the strip to meet up with the rest of the gang. Arrive back at Harrah's and find out everyone is at Bally's, so I head over there just in time to see my aunt winning on a penny machine (Oktoberfest?). so we sit and watch her free spins. she ended up with 86 free spins, it was incredible! And I think she ended up cashing over $60, which was pretty decent for a penny machine. I wish Kelly happy birthday and we decide to play a while at Ballys..again, no luck and the night only gets worse. We say good bye to my aunt and uncle as they head back to Laughlin and make our way down the strip. We stop at Bill's; Flamingo, O'Shea's and Harrahs..no luck for me at any those places and the others aren't doing too well either. We decide to head up to the Diamond Lounge at Harrah's about 6:30pm and grab some munchies and have a drink or two. It wasn't very crowded and the four of us got right in, grabbed a table and hit the munchie table, while Terry (the waiter) took our drink orders. Stayed till about 9pm and staggered, oops, I mean stumbled, well now..lets see..kinda walked out and headed back to Paris, as we were getting a bit tired. Played at Bally's and Paris a bit with no luck, and finally headed up to bed about 11:30pm. Guess it was those drinks at Harrah's and the early morning, just put me right out!.

Wednesday, March 4: Up at 6:30am and headed down to the casino. Found a poker machine and hoped this day would be better than the last. Started off the play with a 4ok on quarters....good start! Keeps me playing for a while, and then another 4ok..Woohoo! maybe my luck is changing. I end up for the session and decide to head back upstairs, shower and get ready for the day. Rick is up and ready to go by the time I get back and so I finish up and off we go, over to Bally's to find Joel and Kelly. We all meet up and decide to stay in the area, as my Goddaughter (Rick's daughter) will be flying in this morning (she is a Vegas Virgin and just turned 21). So we head over to Bill's and try our luck there..nothing..darn, I thought maybe my luck was turning around. About 10:30, Sarah calls and says she is at Bally's and so Rick and Kelly head off to meet her, and Joel and I head off down the strip (we are all going to meet at Slots-O-Fun after she gets settled). We stop at O'Sheas for a quick BK meal and then make our way down the strip to the TI for a bit of play..again,, nothing!. Finally arrive at SOF about the same time as the other group. We play the 50-cent machines..not a lot of wins, I move on to an old time poker machine that still takes coins (and bills) and had decent pay tables. I settle myself down and its like lady luck just smiled on me...the machine wouldn't stop winning. 4OK's of every kind, all except the aces with kickers, I hit em all..and of course you had to cash out in quarters (sigh, I forgot how dirty your hands get when you handle all those coins, but I didn't mind) and I could tell with each cash out that the hopper was getting empty. I finally emptied it on my last cash out and so had to wait for them to fill it, which they did in good time. I think I took out over $800 from that machine, it was a good afternoon. I hated to leave, but the time was nigh (where do these words come from?) for our mini-meet at the Paris..yep, I left SOF about 5:30pm and power walked all the way back to the Paris for a 6pm mini-meet (that got my exercise in for the day!)and I was only a couple of minutes late (darn red lights!!). When I arrived Kandik, her husband, misterkeno and magicfish were having a nice conversation. Kandik introduced me to everyone and so we settled down and had a drink and a great time. It was great to meet you all and look forward to our next meeting. I will let Kandik give more info on her trip report!!!(hint, hint!). We talked for about 2 hrs and then went our own ways. I met up with the rest of the gang at Flamingo. I sat down at a poker machine and decided that since I was up a bit, I would play 50-cent level. Good move, my second hand I was dealt four 3 and the ace .ok...good move..three hands later..four deuces and kicker..wow..and a few other 4ok's..it kept me going till we decided to move on and so I ended up cashing out for $700. We headed back to home base, played there for a bit and headed up to the rooms about 1 am. This day made up for yesterday's losses.

Thursday, March 5: Up at 8am.wow.can't believe we slept that late, so off I go downstairs, ran into Kandik and her husband, but no luck, so back up, shower and head out. Today we were going to split up. Rick has some friends staying at NYNY, so he was headed off to see them, while Sarah, Kelly and Joel headed off in another direction (Sarah wanted to shop at the Forum Shops), so I headed back out to Sam's Town to retry my luck. Tried the dollar poker, no luck, so headed upstairs to my 4-card keno. I play 3, 4,5 numbers and if I am hitting I up my bets. Well, I hit my first 5 0f 5 for $200!!. Great start..so I up the bet to 2 per card( a whopping $2 per bet)..and again, 5 of 5 for $400.ok..time to max out($4 per bet)..and wouldn't you know it...5 of 5 for $800..Hmm. what to do next (the cocktail waitress kept me well supplied!)..keep playing or cash out and head back to the strip?? Ok, you talked me into it, keep playing. YEP, another 5 of 5..$800..ok..now time to quit( and try to walk!)..cashed out $1450 from Sam's Town. Take the shuttle back to Harrah's and meet the group at Ballys. We are headed out to the Hilton, as some in the group want to bet golf, so we take the monorail( another new experience for Sarah) and off to the Hilton. We head over to the sports book and I find a 10cent super times pay machine. OK..lets give this a try..start out playing three lines..win a bit..so decide to try 10 lines..$3 bucks a shot..but what the heck I am ahead (can you tell I don't usually bet big time)
Third hand..dealt four 2's..Hmmm..lets see..10 lines of 400 coins..ok..oh!.wait that's at least $400..ok..good deal and thanks to one line hitting a kicker I ended up with 4400 credits. GREAT!... of course I have to keep playing, so a few hands later...get a 5x multiplier..and hold two three..well has luck has it, I hit four 3's with kicker for 4000 credits..so another $400. By the time we left I cashed a ticket for $1002. Rick came over and wanted to know how I did..he showed me his ticket to cash, .02( he did not have good luck the entire trip)..I showed him my $1002 and all he could do is laugh and said we had two numbers in common (glad he could keep his sense of humor). Our time at Hilton ended and we headed off downtown so Sarah could see the Fremont Experience. We took a taxi (I paid) and went to the Golden Nugget, where we walked over to the 4 Queens to eat at Magnolias (again, I paid). Kelly got a 2 for 1 entree birthday voucher when she went to the players club, so that was a nice perk. After we finished eating, we played a bit, and I was lucky enough to hit 4 aces at the bar (playing quarters) and then go out and watch the show. We left downtown about 11pm and headed back to the strip. We all went over to the Bally's and Kelly and I tried the dollar machines, she was playing Deuces Wild. And I was playing DDB. She stuck in a $5 bill and bet one..won a bit..so she bet two..won some more..so she bet three and was dealt one deuce.. hmmm what to do?? She holds the deuce and the other three fill in for a nice $600 win . Guess she did this last night also, but on a 50-cent machine. We celebrated her win and then I proceeded to hit four deuces on DDB..so that was a nice $400 win. This was our last full night, so I decided to stay up and try my luck at Bally's and Paris..but no big hits, so I finally went to bed about 2:30am. It was a very good day overall and hated to see Friday arrive.

Friday, March 6: Our final morning: (or should it be mourning!). Up at 7:30 and downstairs to play. I hadn't had a chance to play much at Bellagio or Caesar's so I headed over there. Bellagio just took my money, so I headed over to Caesar's and found my favorite dollar machine. Well, its still my favorite, I cashed out $500 from that machine and also $150 from a 50 cent machine..so it was great morning. Headed back to Paris to shower and pack up and have a bite to eat. Rick, Kelly and I ended up eating at the buffet (again, so so in my book) and then got ready to check out. Our plane left at 1:35, so we had some time, so we played a bit at Paris and then headed for the airport. Sarah took an earlier flight home, so it was just the four of us. We checked in at the airport, got through security in record time and had plenty of time at the airport. I played a bit on the poker machines, but with no luck. Our flight was delayed a bit, but when it did arrive it was uneventful and we arrived back in Omaha at 6pm. (the pilot really made up time!). We caught the shuttle back to Harrah's, where I had a room for the night and had SpaLady come up so she could have a night away from the kids. We played for a bit at Horseshoe and then had the free buffet (they have current promotion of playing for 30 minutes, free buffet) and then headed back to Harrah's for a bit more play before retiring for the evening. No other big wins that night.

Now I have to really count the months until my next Vegas trip (contrary to what others say!) as I probably won't go out until sometime this summer, maybe late July or early August. Rick and I are planning a joint 50th birthday celebration (his in November, mine in August) sometime late Sept or early October, so if things go accordingly, I might see Vegas a couple more times this year (but you never know what offers might just make things happen!)
Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. Sorry I didn't have any ghost stories or weird cab rides to report..just a great trip with great friends!..Until next time.................