Hi 2nd trip this year and always @ the Cal. Depart Honolulu after an 11/2 hr delay arrive in Vegas @ 8:00am. Payed a round trip to downtown with Ritz for $16.00 @ terminal #2 . Room was not ready so check back @ 11:00am So off for breakfast @ Main Street buffet (love those meals). Mostly play video poker @ 25 and 5 cent and 1 cent games with bonus's Made plans to attend Gordie Brown @ (the Nugget) Enjoyed his show @ $50.00 and would go again. Players @ the Cal was limited certain time of the day with weekends started to pick up. Highlight on this trip 4 aces with a kicker for 500 and guess what hit a 5 cent joker machine @ Main street for a Royal Flush ( the very first hand played) for 800.So still went home with some checks.All in all a good trip again. Still not so great was the trip back home another delay this time 5/12 hrs.Hope you all have good luck on your trips to Sin City. And see you again in April.