Golden Nugget March 6-10th

The main purpose of this trip was to support our beloved Gonzaga Bulldogs at the West Coast Conference (WCC) tournament being held at the Orleans Arena. I don?t really have any specifics on the costs since my darling husband (DH) did all the planning. I do know that our room rate fell by about half from the time booked until we actually left.

Friday March 6th.

We left Spokane at 6:00 a.m. on the World's Largest Unscheduled Airlines - Alaska. We got to Seattle with no problems (a little late as they had to de-ice the plane in Spokane). Our flight to LV was to leave at 8:00 and arrive a 10:30. We boarded and then sat on the plane for two hours. Some mechanical issue. Two more hours cooling out heels in the terminal. Alaska found another plane and we reboard around 12:00 and successfully take off to LV. We arrived at around 3:00, so we were only 4½ hours late!! I have to say that Alaska did their best to make up for it. They gave us each an $8.00 food voucher in Seattle, a coupon for 1,000 free miles and when we ordered a drink later in the LV flight, it was comped. I figured Alaska saved us a few bucks since it reduced our gambling time and we did arrive without any serious disruption to our scheduled activities.

We rented a car (Nissan Altima) from Enterprise and were on our way to the Golden Nugget. I don't know the price, but I noticed that the surcharges and taxes were almost as much as the rental. There is some freeway construction going on which resulted in slower traffic almost any time we were on the freeway during the trip. Quick check-in and to our room in the North Tower of the GN. Love the North Tower. The rooms are nice, not great, but the location can't be beat. Right off the Casino floor and a stone's throw to the pool. Two comments - the bathroom was teeny and clock in the room had an illuminated face that was so bright we had to cover it at night. But I figured the most time we spent in the room when we were not either sleeping or showering was when we were packing to leave.

We were starving by the time we got there, so we went to the Four Queens coffee shop for some big salads. Oh, if you expecting any fancy dinner reviews, you better skip to the next report. Our eating this trip was nothing to brag about. We had tickets to the Jersey Boys and since we had both started drinking, we treated ourselves to a cab ride to the Palazzo. We paid $14.00 for two Bud lights and decided we would high tail it back downtown after the show. The show as GREAT. I smiled through the entire thing.

Back downtown, we went to the Golden Gate for a couple shrimp cocktails and then gambled there and at the Plaza. DH won about $600 playing the Texas Hold Em table game. Since I had gotten up at 4:00, I moseyed to bed about 11:00 and DH stayed out to about 2:00.

Saturday, March 7th.

We got up and moving at about 9:30 and drove to Hash House a Go Go. I had read about this place on this site and wanted to see what all the hub bub was about. It was hubbin' and bubbin' with a 30 minute wait. However, we found a couple spots at the bar and sat there. DH ordered the hand hammered pork tenderloin benedict. It was massive. We even had people stopping and asking what it was. The meal was good (mine could have been warmer), and I am sure we will be back but split an order next time. We then drove to a shopping mall on Rampart and got me some Birthday presents and then to DSW shoes for a little shoe shopping. We headed back downtown around 1:00. DH went to the Spa to work out while I went poolside. It was warm, not hot and you had to be in the sun or it was chilly. At about 4:30 our friends who live in Henderson came down and we had an early dinner at Grotto. It was okay (again, my pizza could have been warmer - what gives??). We had gotten them tickets to the WCC and there were games going on, but GU wasn't playing. We gave them our two tickets so the four of them (Mom, Dad and two kids) could go and they left at about 6:30. DH and I then spent the rest of the evening gambling around downtown. I still couldn't win a thing, while DH won $500 at the Hold Em game and Black Jack. I went to bed around midnight and DH came to bed at 3:00, but since it was daylight savings time, it was really 4:00.

Sunday, March 8th

I woke up at about 8:30 and was starving (having eaten dinner at 4:30). I laid in bed awaiting for the night owl to wake up, but gave up after about an hour. I showered and whispered to DH that I was going to breakfast which I did at the Nugget. Again, it was okay, but at least it was hot this time. When I got back, DH was up and heading to the Spa to work out and I went pool side. We had a leisurely day and then headed to the Orleans at about 4:00. We had some pretty greasy burgers and fries at Fuddruckers. We ran into all sorts of people we knew from Spokane, met up with our friends and watched GU whoop up on Santa Clara. Go Zags!! We headed back downtown after the game and went to the Golden Gate for more Shrimp Cocktails. Again, I couldn't win anything, so I headed to bed at about 11:30 with DH staying up to 3:30. He was about even for the evening.

Monday, March 9th

My Birthday and a replay of yesterday morning. I woke up, hungry and laid in bed waiting for DH who showed no signs of stirring. I showered again and went to kiss him goodbye and said 'I'm going to breakfast, Happy Birthday to Me'. This got him up. I went to the Carson Café and he joined me about 10 minutes later. After breakfast, we decided to go out to the strip and parked at Bills (very handy - not such a hike). We poked through Paris, the Miracle Mile shops and Bellagio - the conservatory was pretty cool. It had a butterfly house with some butterflies as big as Bats. I was thirsty so we went back to Bills where I sat playing video poker and drank a bunch of ice tea. DH played Texas Hold Em again a won a few bucks. We headed back downtown at about 1:30, but got held up by a bad accident right off the Charleston exit. Some good rubber necking. When we got back to the hotel, I went pool side and DH went to the Spa. At about 4:00 we drove to the Rio for an early dinner at Garduno's. It was a little greasy, but warm!! We then went to the Orleans to see the Zags whoop up on St. Mary's. I guess I was even on TV. Pretty fun. We went back downtown after the game. We played some black jack at a fun table at Fitz's, but of course I lost and so I headed to bed at about 11:00. DH said he was very tired and would be up shortly. Yes, you guessed it - 3:00. Apparently, he had a fun table of college students at the Golden Gate and got a second wind.

Tuesday, March 10th

Groundhog Day Again. I woke up, starved, DH is snoring. I showered, but this time he got up and joined me for breakfast. His eggs were awful (fake scrambled eggs), so he left to go pack and spa while I leisurely finished. I then went back to the room to pack and we headed for the airport. The trip home as uneventful, except for a delay in Seattle again. This time, the World's Largest Unscheduled Airline was only about 45 minutes late. But we got home in plenty of time to unpack and watch American Idol.

J & M Spokane, WA