We received free room offers from the Main Street Station (MSS) for March but had not planned to go then until we found two non-stop flights on Delta for a total of $395.00 From Atlanta for March 22 through 26, 2009 - So we grabbed them up. We had stayed at the MSS our last trip in Aug 08, for a taste of downtown and really enjoyed it much better than staying on the strip. The rooms are not fancy but very functional and the beds are great. they have refrigerators and a wall safe.

Well, I had watched the weather reports for Vegas for the 22d and found they had a wind advisory. Not being a great flyer I was a little worried about going in March due to the season change and the possibility of winds. Well, let me tell you - that was one heck of a flight; the worst I've ever experienced. You could tell we were flying over the mountains because the plane gave us a free roller coaster ride. Then when we made our final approach to the airport the plane was bucking and rolling like crazy. We were a few hundred feet off the ground when the pilot pushed on the throttle for a go-around. He came on the loudspeaker and told us we'd have to try again as he had reports of severe wind shear - now that really made us feel good!! We went around and went through the bucking and swaying of the plane again and he finally touched down; at that point the whole cabin erupted in cheers and applause. I think my finger impression are still on the arm rest of seat 29D. The pilot was either extremely good or extremely lucky; I'll give him the benefit of the doubt of being extremely good. Guess that's our last March trip, we usually go in August as we don't mind the heat and the flight is much smoother.

We got about 1230 PM and got our rental car and check into the Hotel about 2:30. Since it was so windy (gusts over 45 MPH) we decided to play some in the casino. We like the Slots but didn't do much at the MSS so went over to the California. I played the Slots for about 20 minutes and hit a $1500.00 jackpot on a quarter machine. Now that was fun. Nothing like hitting a jackpot within a few hours of arriving in town. Naturally that made the stay more fun. Also, we like the coin machines they have there. It wasn't as crowded as usual - don't know if that was because it was March or because people really aren't going there as they had in the past.

Well Monday was pretty windy so we hung around Downtown and played at the El Cortez. They have some coin machines there too. Didn't do much there. We visited some of the other casinos on Fremont Street and walk around a little. Too windy to be out and about for long.

We had not been to Laughlin and decided to take the drive on Tuesday. I'm a semi-pro photographer so was eager to take some landscapes of the desert and mountains. I got some terrific shots. We stopped a Harrah's first and I thought I was at the old folks home (we're no spring chickens ourselves) and I joked to the wife that the casino must close at 9PM when everyone has to be in bed. Didn't do anything on the machines there. Hard to find quarter or fifty-cent machines in that town, most are dollar. We play them quite a bit but like to have the option of lower denominations as we are not highrollers but like to play the machines a lot. We walked along the Riverwalk and visited some other casinos. Now we can say - been there, done that.

Booked tickets for the Terry Fador show for Wednesday night so decided to make our Strip tour on that day. Played a little at Harrah's with not luck, a few others with no luck, but while at the Mirage waiting to go the see Fador I played a fifty-cent machine. Stuck a 10 dollar bill in and took out $350 dollars. Terry Fador was very good. Highly recommend his show.

We hit the airport at 7AM Thursday and our flight was an hour late leaving as the plane was coming from Salt Lake City and they had snow. The pilot made up the time and we arrived to thunderstorms over Atlanta; another bumpy ride and landing, but all-in-all a good trip.