Well another vegas visit has come and gone. This was my longest at 6 days, 5 nights. Went with sister this time, only my 2nd time in 6 visits not going alone. I will break it down for you:

Airline: Flew out US Air, was only suppose to "stop" in Phoneix and then head on to LV. But for some reason they had all of us unboard, and board another plane as the plane we were on was changed and going to SD. Weird and really a pain in the you know what. Flew back NWA non stop and not any problem. Although a few flights around us were overbooked and the airlines were offering free tickets and overnight stays for those who would bump off.

Hotel: Stayed at the IP, third time there and no issues. Had a room facing the strip on the 17th floor. I am not a big believer in wasting monies on a place I just sleep and shower. Room was clean and nice and only ran us $273 for 5 nights

Shows: Got tickets from Vegas4locals.com ebay site. Got tickets for Larry G. Jones and Nathan Burton. Both shows were very good, Larry Jones deserves a better location because he can entertain. Our third show was the blueman group and came via a 90 min "HARD SELL" on the new PH condo's going up. In fact the lady we had became almost enraged when we said we were not interested and felt we were scamming her just to get the tickets. I asked her how many people she believed would be there (the pitch room was packed) if they didn't offer the "freebies". She had no comment, but we did enjoy the free seats. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it but it was different and very entertaining.

Dinning: Tried the steak house at Binons. WOW, what a view and what a meal. Probably the best meal I have ever had in vegas. We also tried the Jimmy Buffet place and it was good. Had the prime rib and steak special at the Hard Rock also. My sister was surprised by the lack of places to eat outdoors in vegas.

Sights: Checked out Red Rock and finally saw real wildlife, we say a donkey by the side of the road, he seemed pretty mellow as the traffic didn't seem to bother him. Checked out the Silverton Lodge/Casino and the new M Resort. Both are really nice, just to bad they are off the strip a bit. Went downtown twice, with the second time being when Vegas went dark for 1 hour in observance of "Green Day". Funny to see downtown and the strip dark at night. Otherwise just walked around and relaxed.

Gambling: The nice little wheel that spins with numbers on it should be outlawed, That darn little white ball never landed on the numbers or color I picked. As for slots, until my sister moved me to try blazzing 7's I was down, but those 7's at least recouped some of my losses. Sis isn't much of a gambler, so my losses were not as bad as in the past.

Overall not a bad trip, city center is chugging along but on a very tight rope, MGM just did make a 200 million payment avoiding a shutdown of the project. The Fountain Blue seems to be coming along okay. There were tons of people while we were there and even more starting Thurs and going through the weekend, but the number of people gambling was down in my opinion. Also, it seemed like I saw more families with kids this trip out also, now there were the national MONSTER truck show in town for the weekend, but alot of strollers.