I am finally getting to my trip report. Be warned we are not gamblers, a little slots and Bingo. Mostly go for shows and buffets and love using the POV and American Casino Guide.
I have been going to Vegas every year for about 16 yrs and my friend W was going for the first time.
We left from Ottawa Canada thru Montreal on Air Canada. Good flight,but a little bumpy in a few places. All the seats now have a tv screen and you can get movies, TV programmes, News, sports or music. Makes the time pass quicker.
Landed on time (noon) and did not have to wait for the luggage. By the time we hit the restrooms and got downstairs they were right there. Grabbed our luggage and headed out to the shuttle for the car rental. Waited a good 15-20 minutes, and listened to some guys who were renting from Fox and had just found out it wasn't in the car rental terminal. They weren't too happy and kept trying to phone Fox to no avail. When our shuttle came the driver redirected them to the shuttle they needed to take. They were not happy campers. We had to put our own luggage on the shuttle as the driver was busy with a wheelchair passenger. We hadn't worried about our heavy bags ,because I have never had to load them by ourselves, lesson #1 pack lighter!!!.
Got to the terminal and it was almost dead except for Dollar where we were going. Ended up in line for 1 hour. There were 4 clerks ,but they alternated taking breaks and were so slow! Except for an older lady who was managing to do 2 customers for every one the others did. Standing in line everyone was talking about the cost of the rentals now. I informed them I had managed to get an extra value rate with expedia.ca and had prepaid for 1 week ... $153. CANADIAN . They were floored. It was just for an economy car but we didn't care. As long as it was air-conditioned and easy to drive.
Anyways finally make it to the counter and the guys eyes bug out at the price, and then starts the hard sell for the insurance. Actually he was quite condescending about it and especially after I said I had contacted my insurance company and they said I was totally covered. Well ..he says and are you covered for loss of revenue in the case of an accident...do you know what that means>>>i very nicely said of course I know what that means and yes I am covered . I am not taking any insurance just give me the contract to sign and let me out of here. Finally we end up downstairs and I have to say the staff down stairs were very nice. They put us in a dodge charger and loaded our luggage.
First stop was In n Out burger. Great as usual and then we were off to Arizona Charlies' on Boulder. Stopped at the Wal-Mart on Boulder for water, diet coke and some nibblies.
At Arizona Charlie's we were checked in in minutes. I had prepaid thru Air Canada for a deluxe suite for $29.99 a night. The first room was just a regular room so I called back the front desk and said we had paid for a suite. We ended up in on the first floor facing the courtyard and a fountain. A really nice room,very clean and spacious. Front room had a sofa bed and a double bed and the other room had a king size bed with the bathroom off it . Toilet and bath in a room and the sink and counter seperate. We got a fridge for no charge as we are both diabetic. Most comfortable bed ever. Never had trouble adjusting to it.
There were 2 covered pagodas outside, one with chairs in the courtyard and one with loungers at the pool. We loved it here. We got up in the morning and could watch the birds bathing in the fountain.
Only drawback was no coffeemaker and when we went to Walmart there were no kettles. W only drinks tea.
The maids were very friendly and there was visible security guards biking all thru the property.
The casino was small but every one was very nice and relaxed. Bingo hall was very rarely full. In fact the morning bingo's had barely 30 people and I still couldn't win.
We had supper in The Sourdough Cafe that night and it was excellent .We both had the Calves liver. Huge portions so no dessert.
Played the slots a little and I played the 11 pm bingo and then we hit the sack.
Went over to the casino and signed up for the ACE card. We had until 10;30 that evening to play the slots and then they would give us up to $100 dollars free play depending on our losses. I ended up with $79 dollars free play and was told to cash out each win and that would be money back. I played on and off all week and ended up with $108 in cash.
Had breakfast at the buffet and it was great. They actually make the pancakes for you as well as the eggs. The scrambled eggs are even real. They scramble them in a huge fryin pan and then put them in the serving dish.Excellent! It ended up that it was our favorite breakfast place in Vegas this trip. BTW we used 2 -4-1 tickets for everything except 2 shows.
Spent the afternoon downtown as we were going to see the Country Stars Tribute at the Fitz.Had supper at the Fremont buffet. It was steak night and very good. The tribute show was excellent and we enjoyed it. I had seen it last year and it was quite different. Picked up our POV booklet today ,had been using coupons I had received from Kelly in Texas and I was going to mail out my leftover coupons when I got to the airport on Tuesday.
Did some shopping in Henderson in the morning and had lunch at Sunset Station. It was good.
Terry Fator was on tap for this evening. We bought the cheap tickets and even though we were in the last row we saw perfectly. Best show this trip. It also was the only show that was packed except for Menopause and it was the closing performance. We ate at the Orleans and didn't realize until we paid that it was a seafood night. Not my favorite food. The buffets always make me wonder why do people fill there plates mile high, leave half of it and then go get more. It is a buffet, people... you can go back more than once and you may even recognize what you are eating. Truthfully I was disappointed by the buffet this year. It was just alright.
After the show we wandered thru the Mirage, took the tram to Treasure Island ,and didn't get to see the show because of the wind. Walked across the walkway to the Venetian and picked up tickets to jersey boys for Saturday night and then on to Harrahs for tickets to Legends for the late show on Sat. Then back to the Mirage to get the car. (We used valet service everywhere we went) Went to 1:00 am Bingo ,W played the slots and eventually we got to bed.
All the walking took its toll. I could barely move. I haven't walked so much in Vegas in years. Normally I just go to the new places but wanted to show W all the strip. I am too old to do this anymore.... Both of us decided to take it easy today. So we stuck around Arizona Charlies except for breakfast. Went to Sam's Town so W could see the Mystic Falls. The buffet was terrible. Bacon was tough ,cold and looked like shoe leather. The eggs were powdered and runny. Horrible food.
We were in bed early that night.
Busy day today as we were taking in 2 shows. We had breakfast at Terribles, pretty good, signed up for their players card and each got a shirt, cap and a deck of cards. Had supper at Gold coast and it was better than the Orleans.
Then off to Jersey Boys. Surprisingly it was only half full. We had tickets up top but were asked if we wanted to go to the front 5 rows. We declined and sat in the first row of the balcony. Perfect seats. Although I found the show slow at first it was very good and I would go and see it again.
Then we headed off to Harrah's to see Legends. Again we ended up in a booth almost dead center although we paid half price. The show was alright but I have seen it a few times. The better show was a young couple who were engaged . She was just a little drunk and telling everyone her life story. He was over by the wall wanting to crawl away I'm sure. He finally dragged her in to sit down and she started conversing with everyone at the table. He was not a happy camper. At some point 'Tom Jones ' ended up singing with her and this poor man was a thundercloud! Eventually she got up and disappeared for 10 minutes and when she came back he walked out after a few words. She followed him 5-6 minutes later. I think they were better than the show.
We stopped at Boulder Station to get some take out food and headed back to our room.
Today was W's birthday. We were going to go to the Rio for the carnival buffet and then to the last performance of Menopause. I snuck out to Bingo at 7am and got back to the room at 8. first thing we said was ..wonder if that couple was still engaged...
Went for brunch at Main Street Station and it was excellent. In fact Sunday was the best day we had.
Headed out to the Rio and watched the floats and had the best buffet from our whole trip. Went to the Hilton and saw the last performance of menopause with Queen Emily in the cast. I have seen this show 3 times and still enjoyed it immensely. The producers did say they hoped to open somewhere else later in the year.
Our last full day. Jubilee was on the schedule for tonight . Our 2-4-1 tickets specified the late show so we packed and got things ready for our departure tomorrow. We headed over to New York and then the MGM Grand, had lunch at Boulder Station and supper at Arizona Charlie's (the buffet was a disappointment).
For 16 years I have wanted to see Jubilee but the friend I usually go to Vegas with never wanted to go. I am so happy we went this time. What a wonderful show and I am sure is reminiscent of the time when almost every casino had a revue show.
The next morning I did the speedy checkout on the TV, dropped off the car and headed to the airport. Flight to Vancouver was alright and I was excited because my son ,whom I haven't seen in 2 years since he moved out west,was going to meet us at the airport because we had a 2 hour layover. We landed 30 minutes early but had to stay on the plane because there was no one to unlock the doors. Then we get to customs and there had to be 1000 people there. 9 planes had landed in a 20 minute span from all over. Took over 40 minutes to get thru and finally I got to see my son. Now we only had an hour to visit. Eventually we headed off to check in and found out our flight was now delayed 2 1/2 hours. No explanation. Eventually we got on and landed here at home at 2 am . By the time we got our luggage it was 2:45 and I got home at 3:30 am. Exhausted but pleased with our trip.
We never had to wait in line at any time except for the brunch at Main Street Station.
Have never seen so many mom and dads who were so cross with their children. Have never seen people yank their kids by the arm as I did this time. At the buffets ,couples were arguing in front of their kids and ignoring them. I found this rather odd. I am a foster parent and tend to pay more attention to kids in my vicinity and I was really bothered by it. I guess with the economic downturn it is hard on everybody but it concerns me that if they are doing this in public what are they doing in private.
One funny incident. We went to Target to shop. We don't have them here and I often buy baby stuff that I can't get here at home. I foster special needs infants. I had probably a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff and W had a few things. She gets to the cash, hands them her mastercard and it is denied. Young man says it is denied because it is drawn on a Canadian bank. We are stunned and ask for a supervisor. Sure enough Target does not take credit cards drawn on a Canadian bank. I am dumbfounded and trying to choose my words carefully asked her if she realized American banks were going into the toilet. Canadian banks are among the most trustworthy. Maybe they should rethink their policy as this was a tourist town. She was a little snotty to us and then said we can take american cash or travellers cheques drawn on American Express. I informed her it would be a cold day in H... before I parted with any of my money in Target and we left. From then on we asked at the cash before being rung in, and told them what happened . everyone was incredulous. Oh well...

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