Just a few complaints about the trip. Left Austin on time arrived in Las Vegas on time. Check-in was easy . Bally's was Great. Now the problems. I don't know if you have been to Las Vegas lately but I have never in my life been so HARRASSED by all of the (TIME SHARE) or Resort people. You can't walk down the strip without being asked if you want free show tickets or free money and how long are you in town for,then you tell them no thanks they get an attitude and ask you why not? My husband got so mad and said because I SAID SO!!!!! They have employees at every CASINO and it almost makes you not to go inside. They have become very annoying and almost to the point where you can't enjoy your walk down the strip anymore. Went to Las Vegas to have a good time and enjoy my time off from work not to go on a 2-hour tour of some resort and buy their property!!!!!!!!