Stayed at the Sahara--decent room, good price.

Saw Jay Leno at the Mirage--excellent, fast-paced, funny...he's a talented stand-up comedian.

Saw the Sahara's comedy show--fairly good, a large group of large, drunken guys diminished the gig a little bit, I think I prefer the set-up of the Riviera's comedy club better.

Saw the Aria's Viva Elvis show--upbeat, colorful, creative. It's a Cirque show, so don't expect depth or insight. Rather, expect dance, acrobatics, and vibrant colors. Great to hear Elvis's voice throughout the show.

Ate well at the Riviera's Italian restaurant.

Very grateful that I knew the Strip before it became a high end shopping mall. They've basically torn down much of the Strip that I liked (such as the New Frontier, the Stardust, the Boardwalk, etc.) and put up expensive, huge, sterile towers of glass and steel. I'm not a shopper, and I am not into corporate logos and high-status items, so the strip has become almost completely irrelevent to me except for the entertainment.

And I am very grateful that I won 1800 bucks on an airport slot machine before I boarded my plane--basically paid for the trip.

Have fun, be safe...CK