Me and a friend went to vegas from 9 april till 15 april.
For me it was the fourth time and for my friend the first time
we flew from amsterdam to vegas, tru philly.
Flight was long and uneventfull and I will never fly us airways agian.
All the airline food jokes must have started with them!!!

We stayed first for three days at MGM grand. It was fine as always.
arrived on thursday evening and did not want to think to much so played some let it ride in excalibar and had a few drinks.

Friday did a walking tour over the strip and had the breakfast buffet at Bellagio. this was also very good.
continued the walking tour and looked at all the nice things of the hotels.
We then started playing 5 dollar pai gow poker at tropicana and had a couple of drinks.
We then ate at shibuya, still as good as ever!!
We then returned to the 5 dollar pai gow poker at tropicana where we met a very fun table.
at some point we were all betiing quartes on what thye dice roll would be (the dice roll to determine where the dealing starts) we were betting the total,even/uneven, six or no six.
Nobody was paying attention to the cards anymore and we had a blast and got very drunk.
After all was over I lost 5 dollars with pay gow and made 7 dollar in quarters from the other table members and had trouble walking back to MGM.
Pai gow 5 dolar great game!!!!!! Tropicana drink service- very good!!!
Saturday had some starting up problems so decided to hang around the pool for a while.
Then it was time to go to downtown.
we where in no rush so we took the deuce in rush hour and where in down town exactly an hour later.
We then went to hugo's cellar for diner. It was perfect as always. I do not understand where all the negative reviews come from about hugo's lately. then we wend to MSS for some 5 dollar craps and alot of very nice microbrews! We tasted them all en lost about 50 dollars with craps.
there was a nice band playing on the street in downtown so we went to the loungeclub of golden nugget before the cover charge kicked in and listed to the band and had a couple of drinks.

Sunday we moved to manadalay bay and they had a very nice room for us emediatly at 11.00 so that was very good. We then went to the peppermill for breakfast. good breakfast, nice waitresses.
We then walked around he nort end of the strip. this part is really dead!
We then went to the mirage to play soem 5 dollar ultimate texas shoot out. again a lot of fun and a lot of drinks. We then decided to try the ellis ilsand steak special for the first time.
The steak and vegetable where fine, you only had to check the fries if the were fried or not. but no complaints for 7 dollars!
We then went back to Mandalay Bay and had a very nice crap session there. there where alot of fun players we cheered and drank off course and the dealers and pit boss where also the best I had ever seen.

Monday was mandalay bay beach day!!!
but we started with a burger at the burger bar at mandalay bay, it was very good.
We had some very good sun and had some very good cocktails afterwards.
The pool area is very nice. we had dinner at emmerills wich was again very good!
The evening was uneventfull as vegas turned in to a gost town as everybode left after eastern.

Tuesday we played a poker tournametn at MGM at the end of the morning. the tournament was a lot of fun but the blinds go up to quickly. we finished just out of the money. We then played a little cash at bellagio. Off course I had to Go to the oyster bar at penazzi at harrahs as this was our last day.
Same chef still there, still fun oyster still good and still stupid people that put chile sauce on the oysters.
there should be a law against this!!!!!
After that I walked to casino royale to see it it still was the shit hole it always was.
I walked to a three dollar table placed a bet on the six, dealers totally uninterested in the clients (who should pay their tips) talking to each other. six hits the guy gives me three dollars so i said where is the half, he says we do not pay halfs. so I said take by bet down so i can leave the rat whole with three dollars extra in my pocket. dealer not amudes but takes bet down, till never!!!
We then had dinner at RM seafood wich was very nice.
we decided to play some more craps at manadalay Bay. the table was not so much fun as two days before but the dealsers and pit boss where still doing a very good job.
I think it is a very good move of mandalay bay to have a five dollar craps table. it was always full and fun, but still you had very good dealers. you do not have this at the other rat holes that offer 5 dollar craps.
Wednesday morning long flight home.

This was a very nice trip had a lot of fun and very good food, and also some drinks here and threre.

Thanks for reading!