My husband and I decided to take a trip to Vegas. We haven't been there in about five years, so we were way over due. The weather was not so good. we had two nice days and the others were cold and cloudy, even some rain at times. A week was still not enough time to see everything in Vegas!!!

For those of you who drink coffee in your room, the Rio has pulled all the coffee pots / coffee from the rooms. (I heard from other visitors that other hotels are doing the same thing as well). Apparently, they are trying to save some money due to the economic conditions now starting to affect Vegas too. Even some restaurants within the Rio were closed or reduced their hours significantly. While my husband was playing poker, there was one fellow complaining to the waitress that his drink was weak. The waitress told him that they are putting less alcohol in the drinks......also due to the economy. I don't know about you, but I think Vegas was hopping with people. Any time we went on the strip, it was packed. We had a car, so when we drove on the strip, it was always bumper to bumper. It did not look like Vegas was suffering to me with the amount of people who were there.

The gambling was okay. We won some and we lost some. What we did find to be expensive, was the restaurants at the Rio. I'm sorry, but $5.00 for a glass of orange juice (a small one at that) is outrageous. If you stay at the Rio, walk over next door to the Gold Coast. They have a TGIF Restaurant and a chinese restaurant which is much less expensive. Their breakfast buffet was better than the Rio's breakfast buffet.

Also another very reasonable place to eat as is Ellis Island. They have a steak special (which is not advertised on their menu). Just ask for it and they will know what you are talking about. It is $6.95. You receive a nice steak, potatoes, fresh green beans, salad and a large beer (or rootbeer if you choose not to drink beer). It is really worth it and it was quite tasty too!

If you'd like to see a great free show, go to Bill's Gambling Hall on the Strip (near the Flamingo). There is a show there called "Big Elvis". This guy sings so great. He performs Monday through Friday, 3 times a day. You can't beat this 1 1/2 hour show. He is wonderful and you will not be disappointed, especially if you like Elvis songs. FYI: He has lost 500 pounds and is still losing weight (thus the name "Big Elvis").

We took a ride to Green Valley Ranch Casino and Red Rock Station Casino. They are both very nice hotels as well.

We'd like to go back again and check out some of the hotels we didn't get a chance to make it to this time.

Vegas is always fun! There is always something to do and something to see!!

I look forward to continue reading others trip reports.