I flew from Columbus Oh on SWA. Flight was 20 minutes late, no big deal made up most of it in the air. Husband flew from Tampa, his flight was 35 min. late due to weather the day before.

We met in Vegas, went to National to get our car (12.00) I had free days due to traveling for work.

Arrived at Red Rock $39.00 a night for all 4 nights ( can't beat that)- Check in was a breeze. Love this Hotel. Had a room on the 8th floor. Room was very nice but the shower had hair in the drain. Our room overlooked the pool area and the mountains. Bed was comfortable.

Went to the buffet food was great. - Off to gamble!

Went down to the Rocks Lounge to play some VP. Bar staff was great. John,Kelly and June were great guys. I started out with $20 dollars and hit right away. I played for 4 hours and walked a way with 270. Husband did the same thing and walked away with 160. What a great way to start the trip. Off to bed, we are on east coast time.

Got up the next morning and went back to the Rocks lounge, didn't do much in the morning at the bar but husband hit a royal on triple play 5 cents. We went all over the casino playing VP.
This is turning into a great trip.

Went down to the Rocks lounge to get our coffee and our morning fix of VP. No big wins but never the less, we had wins and are still playing on Red Rocks money.

We decided to meet my friend who lives in Vegas at Suncoast. I don't like this casino. Didn't win at all on anything. Went to lunch in the Cafe, very slow service.

Back to the Red Rock for more VP. No big wins, ok we are playing on our money now, down a big $10.00 Still a great trip. Off to bed.

We saw several MMA fighters at the Red rock. They had some promotional thing going on the night we arrived. It was fun seeing all of the guys we love to watch beat each other up. Some of them are not so big in person. We were really surprised at the small size of Brock! He is such a giant on TV. Now don't get me wrong the guy's back is huge, but he is not as tall as he looks on TV.

Monday- Got up and had coffee at the bar, no big wins, walked around to find a bank of Double Double .25, put 20 bucks in and started to play, about 3 hands into it, I hold J and Q of diamonds, hit the draw and what do you know, I hit the progressive Royal for 1311.26!!!!

Sister called she is in Vegas on the strip so we decide to go see the new Encore at the Wynn. We meet her there. My husband has never had a card at the Wynn so he signed up and rec'd $10 free play. Told him if he earns 200 points he can get a free spin to see if he can get more free play. Off to the VP. Found a back of 25 cent VP. I sit down to play and wound up cashing out at $325.00. I said lets go play Dollar VP....... Good thing we did. I sit down put in $100.00 and hit max bet, playing Double bonus. I look down and see 4 aces!!!! Hold and draw for the kicker, no luck get 800. Change to Double Double, hit max and look down, four 2's.............. another 400 dollars. Day is going well. We played for about 3 hours on those dollar machines and cashed out at 1200. We also put on 1500 points, he got his free spin for free play and we get a comp for 4 buffets. Dinner here we come.
Now I wouldn't pay 35.00 per person for this buffet but it was free. Food was good but not for that price. I liked the buffet at the Red Rock better.

We went back to play at Red rock for the rest of the night. Played at the Rock lounge. Had a great night.

All in all the trip was great. We paid for everything with our winnings and still came home with more money than we came with.

Some side notes: Vegas was busy but not that busy.
Everyone we talked to says that business is down and it has been for months.
Tons of buildings half done. Construction halted on a lot of buildings.


Can't wait to plan the next trip!! I should get offers from Red Rock.