My son-in-law was celebrating his 50th birthday in Vegas as a gift from my daughter. He knows we love to go to Vegas and seldom miss a chance to go, so he assumed we would be there. We told him that it was impossible this year as we already were there in May and could not swing it this time. Secretly we made plans to go with my brother and his wife to surprise him. And surprise him we did. He arrived on Saturday and we did not come in until Sunday evening. By then he had given up on us. We flew out on Delta at 3:40 on sunday with a good flight and no delays. Checked in to Paris using the 20.00 trick and got a Red Room. We already had three nights comped and I received an offer of 47.00 per night for the other two nights. 5 nights in Vegas!!! Luck smiled on us the first day or two with myself and my husband winning enough to play without touching our money. Then we had two days of not winning much at all which began to erode our gambling stake. On Thursday we cabbed downtown and spent quite a few hours there breaking about even, with some wins and some losses. My brother and his wife have not been to Vegas in about 5 years and they won the most this trip that they ever did. He hit several 4OAK's that kept him in the money and she was extremely lucky with the penny machines,(monopoly, wizard of oz, Elvis) putting in a 20 and taking out 100 to 150 many times. Penny machines just seemed to take our money although I do love the bonuses. We did have some luck on Mr. Cashman and Lil Lucy. Video poker is our game of choice for the most part and we did hit quite a few 4OK's although not the aces or a royal:(. Played some 3 card poker and blackjack with some pretty good luck. The most interesting thing that happened was on our last day we were at Planet Hollywood for the last few hours of play before our flight and at the bar was a young guy about 25 who was pretty inebriated. He had a bunch of balloons and a large check for 547,000 that he had won on the progressive wheel of fortune at the Luxor!!!!! Over half a million dollars. He was one happy guy and was on the phone calling everyone he knew. The bartenders told us he had just come into town and won that jackpot! Kinda takes your breath away. We came back home on Friday with most of the money we took, so the trip was pretty sucessful. Ate breakfast at Bill's and Planet Hollywood several times and a late night steak dinner at Ellis Island. Hamburgers at Toby Keiths were huge and good. Fun trip!