Encore November 2-6

The stated purpose of the trip was so I could attend some continuing education at Caesars Palace and my husband (DH) could partake in the two ?G?s? ? golf and gaming. We usually stay downtown at the Golden Nugget, but sometime this summer we received a promo from the Encore for $99 a night, which included two tickets to Le Reve. Since my employer was also paying for some of the nights, we decided to book at the Encore. We got direct flights from Spokane to LV on Southwest and got a rental car from AVIS. We had kind of spaced out getting a rental car until about a week before we left, so I don?t think the rate was anything to write home about.

Tuesday, November 2nd.

The SW flight left on time from Spokane at around 6:30 pm. We were on time to LV. We checked DH?s golf clubs and we only had to wait a few minutes for them to appear at baggage claim. Off to the Rental Car Center. AVIS was kind of slow, especially since there were only a few people in line. We got out to our car which was a Nissan Altima (the same car I drive). The car only had a fob, no key, which was new to us. When DH pressed the start button nothing happened. It was late (around 9:30) and there was no one in the AVIS booth out with the cars. So we fiddled some more and the car finally seemed to start. Long story short ? it was a hybrid. I think we had it going the whole time, but it is so quiet we couldn?t tell. LOL!!

Off to the Encore and we were there in no time. No lines to check in (well, it was Tuesday night). Up to our room and OMG!! It was beautiful. Almost as big as my first house (sans the kitchen). We were on the 60th floor with a view out the floor to ceiling windows straight down the strip. We quickly unpacked and went down to the casino. We quickly realized that we weren?t ?beautiful? enough to hang out in the Encore. We really are downtown folk. We both played some penny slots. I had been fighting a cold, so I retired early (a theme for the vacation.)

Wednesday, November 3rd.

I slept pretty poorly ? a whole lot of coughing. We got up and moving at about 8:30. I went to the Terrace Café at the Wynn for breakfast and DH went to the Spa for his executive workout (Steam, Sauna, Jacuzzi). DH liked the look of the SPA but said that the Sauna was not turned on and the Steam and Jacuzzi were both not hot enough. Breakfast was okay ? service was kind of slow. We were going to go shopping, but ended up poolside for a few hours instead. We grabbed a cab and went downtown for some drinking and gambling. First stop ? shrimp cocktails at the Golden Gate. Mama, I?m home. We gambled around downtown for the afternoon, not really winning anything. DH likes to play BJ and the Texas Hold Em table game. I was playing BJ and some penny slots. I also visited the former ?Beers Around the World Bar? at the Nugget ? the site of my only Royal. No luck. At about 5:00 we went to the Main Street Brew Pub. The happy hour lasted until 6:00 with drink and appetizer specials. We had a selection of both ? pretty good food and prices, but the service was spotty. We went over to Fitzgeralds and both played some BJ. At around 8:00ish, we grabbed a cab back to the Encore. I was feeling pretty puny, so I went to bed. DH walked down to the Riviera, Circus Circus and Slots of Fun and came back to the room at around 1:00 - up for the day.

Thursday, November 4th

It seemed like I was coughing less. I got up at about 6:30, and got ready for my CE. DH was still in bed when I left. I got some coffee at the lobby coffee stand. I will say that Encore has that down to a science. Also, as I was walking to the elevators on our floor, a room service person passed me. I heard her stop a one room, knock and announce ?In Room Dining?. I don?t care how you fancy it up, it is still room service.

I walked down to Caesars ? pretty good hike. I spent the day at the Seminar. DH went to the spa again and then golfing at Angel Park in north LV. He enjoyed his day. We met back at the room around 4:30. We have some friends who live in LV and their son plays football on his high school team. He had a game Thursday night. We were planned on meeting for dinner first at an Indian restaurant that our friends had heard about, but had never been to. They texted us the address ? kind of. When I entered it in the GPS, it indicated that the address did not exist. We had a vague idea where we were going, so we headed out and I started calling them for better information. It was a huge kerfuffle, but we finally found it. The restaurant didn?t have any alcohol and I knew that our friends had some wine in there car. I jokingly asked our waiter if we could bring in our own wine and he said yes. So all was well.

The football game didn?t start until 8:00. Our friend?s son?s team had no running game, so all they did was pass, pass, pass. Kind of made for a long game, so we left at half time (I was coughing quite a bit). I read in the paper the next day that the game lasted over 3½ hours. UGH. When we got back to the Encore at around 10:30, I again went straight to bed. DH headed south down the strip. He got back at around 1:30 ? still up for the trip.

Friday, November 5th

I slept a little better. My seminar started a little later so I got up at 7:15. DH got up with me and drove me to Caesars. He went golfing (at Angel Park again) while I got smart. Once he was done golfing, he stopped downtown for some Texas Hold Em at the Fremont. My seminar got over a little early, so I hiked back to the Encore and when poolside for a couple hours. We hooked up at around 4:30. I had dinner reservations at Maggiano's in the Fashion Show Mall at 5:30. (Our Le Reve show started at 7:00.) I had heard a lot of good things about Maggiano's. The price as right, the service was great, but I thought the food was just ok. Maybe we didn?t order the right thing.

Le Reve was good. However, we liked Cirque du Soleil and Love better. After the show, we walked down the Strip to O?Sheas (I told you we were downtown folk). I actually had some luck at VP, but lost it all on BJ. We then walked down to Bill?s where I lost half my buy in at BJ. It was almost midnight by now, so we walked back to Encore. DH tucked me in and went back to the Riveria. He got in at 3:30.

Saturday, November 6th

Our flight home today was not until 5:30. We slept in, packed and checked out at around 10:30. We drove downtown and parked at the Golden Gate. We ate breakfast at the dining room there. It was good, but service as a little slow. We then went to the Fremont so DH could play his Texas Hold Em. I poked around ? winning at nothing, as usual. After he cashed out, we went over to the Nugget. When my mom was alive, we would go to Vegas with her and she would always make us ?form a corporation? and everyone would put money in a dollar slot machine (usually Megabucks). Of course we never won anything big. So, in memory of my Mom, DH and I decided to ?form a corporation? and we each put $100 in a dollar slot. It was gone in 10 minutes. UGH. We got no real wins. It was kind of depressing. We went back to the Golden Gate and played some BJ. We had a couple nice dealers. Didn?t really win, but it was a nice way to end the trip.

We jumped in the car, gassed up and headed to the airport. We had purchased the early bird boarding passes for the return trip. This worked about pretty sweet. DH got a window in the exit row and I was right in front of him. Nice trip home.

J & M Spokane, WA