First i like to make excuses for my English, i know it is not up to scratch, but i always enjoy your travelreports so immensly that i too wanted to leave my story on this board.

We flew on saturdaymorning from a dark, rainy and clouded Amsterdam to Washington D.C in about 9 hours, we bought extra legspace, (economy plus with U.A.) Stopover in Washington was for 2,5 hour, i received a snackparcel on the flight, but because i was not hungry i put it in my bag, there were chips, chocolate and a ham and cheese sandwich, at customs i was asked if i had food, yes, the parcel from the plane, i was taken to another room and had to leave the sandwich, stupid of me, i should have known better............
No further problems and the connecting flight to L.V. left a few minutes early, with tailwind we arrived half an hour early. There was no line at the taxistand and off we were to Encore, the cabdriver was nice (he did take the tunnel however...) He was surprised to hear that in Holland, you may gamble and drive a car when you are 18, and you may even drink alcohol when you are only 16.
7.30 PM and no line at Encore, a very nice girl said we had a room at the 8e floor, and without being asked she began to search for something better, after an phonecall she asked if we would like to be on the 51 floor ? with a nice view of the strip ? what a great start !
and what a great hotel, it is really lovely, the butterflies, immaculate, a very nice place to stay and the room, WOW ! it really is a big suite, a very large bathroom, although the bath may have been just a bit longer for comfort. A nice sofa in front of the window with stunning views. and the bed was the finest one we have ever slept in, all week no backpains, and the egyptian linnen, soft as babybottoms ! Lovely !
Because we were very tired we decided to stay in, we phoned for roomservice and half a hour later it arrived perfectly, an immense winecooler filled with ice and with 6 bottles of Budweiser, and a selection of asian food, the food was very good, nice and hot and it tasted really jummy.
In the night we woke up, we heard something, it was the nightclub, even on the 51 floor, we heard the noice for the music, it would happen a number of times this week, but HEY we're in Vegas, not the
quietest of places.... so we did not complain, although we were very glad that we did not get the room on the 8e floor.

Day 1- Breakfast at Wynn's buffet, champagnebuffet ! i ate things you do not see in Holland or that are difficult to find, Pulled pork ?
oatmeal with brown sugar (Jummy!) creampufs, Italian meats and cheeses. everything was delicious, fresh and there was sooo much.
We drank coffee and Orange juice, sorry but the water in L.V. is terrible, it taste foul, we were shocked by the taste, when we filled the bath, the bathroom smelled like an hospital, it even looked kind of blue? we had to buy water in bottles to brush our teeth. In Holland the water taste like bottlewater, no chemical taste at all. All other drinks tasted fine and we were pleasently surpriced by the coffee, very nice, i like strong coffee and the espresso was wonderfull.
( if you think about it, the coffee is made with water, but there was no chemical taste in the coffee, strange !)
After breakfast it was time to hit the casino's we went this day to The Venetian, Palazzo, and the Flamingo, were we also visited the animals in the gardens, very nice and relaxing.
In the early evening we went back to the Wynn and Encore, where we ate en hit the slots with our Redcard, we won some and lost some but had a great time, drinks were plentyfull, my husband drank beer and i drank some Rum and Coke's, a bit to much, because we were down for the night at 10 pm.
Day 2- 6 AM we were up and enjoyed the sunrise, you never get enough from watching the colors change on the mountains surrouding L.V.
ever 3 minutes you see other colors, impressive !
Got some coffee en cinnamonrolls from the lobbybar, tasty !
We went to gamble some slots, i liked W.of Ozz and Monopoly, they have nice bonusrounds.
At 10 we took a taxi to the Premium outlet, we went crazy and bought bags full of stuff, the family will be so glad. we forgot no one.
Best buys were some handbags from Guess, in Holland you pay as much as 200/250 euro and here they were just 79 USD.
After shopping we went back to the Encore, dropped the bags in the room and hit the casino. We ate at Zazoocrackers in the Wynn, no wait and nice food.
Day 3 - 6 AM Watch the Sunrise and we counted the wagons on the train that crossed L.V. it were 119 !! everything here is big !
Taxi to the Bellagio and we went for breakfast at the Bellagiobuffet,
a great buffet, with very nice food. My husband even took two helpings of softice with chocolatesauce.
After breakfast, just popped some money in the slots and i won 75 USD in a sex and the citymachine, nice !, earned our breakfast back,and some. Then we went on the train to Aria and Crystal's, Impressive is the correct word for Crystal's. I took some nice pictures and walked arround for half an hour. Later played the slots in Aria, lost.
Walked to Planet Hollywood and gave some money to some homeless kids with a dog that were on the bridge, petted the dog and made a little conversation, my heart brakes when i see this children. one could not be any older than 17.... later in the week i gave some money to a woman sitting on the bridge by Fashion show mall, i thought she was something like 60, teethless, dirty and distressing to look at, she carried a sigh that says she was homeless and with child, i looked and saw that she was pregnant, i could not get the picture of that woman from my retina for days.

Day 4- Free buffet in the Wynn for 2 on our Redcard, a good start of the day. Then a taxi to Las Vegas outlet for some more shopping, i bought a very nice watch for myself and hubby bought tennisshoes.
We ate at the foodcourt, my husband chose Chinese and i took chickenfingers and French fries, we bought some cookies and browies for in the room.
Dutch cookies are not so nice as American cookies, moist, big and delicious and so many flavours. The night ends with a few hours on the slots in Wynn and Encore. (and enough points on the Redcard for another compt meal)

Day 5- 6Am, Another beautiful sunrise and coffee and muffins from the lobbybar. Then we walk to the Belagio, we visit the Conservatory, it may be us, but we found it a bit bare ? On the internet you see all these photo's with much more decoration, perhaps in Christmastime it will be fuller ?
We visit Caesars palace, and play some slots. then to the Mirage
were i take my hubby to Carnegie Deli, he does not know what hit him when i order him a Woody Allen. I have to take pictures, otherwise the family won't believe we tried to eat this. and we try real hard, but 2 pounds of is a battle we can't win.
Then up to Treasure Island for some more slots and we end with the Fashion Show Mall, for some more shopping, at Macy's, here we buy mostly make up for all the girls in the family. strange that Dior and Chanel make up is cheaper then in Holland, we're only 600 kilometer from Paris, were the stuff is made ??
Later we eat at Serendipity 3, a great place and lovely food, i wish we had one in the Netherlands.......
This evening i won 155 dollar in a slot at Wynn, good end of a good day.

Day 6- Last Day, the time had flown, This day we are visiting Planet Hollywood again and to shop in Miracle mile. Later we went gambling in Paris, here it is very busy, we had to look for a free slotmachine.
Bally is also on the list, we win some and we lose some, but there are no big losses.
We eat in Wynn on our compt Redcard and it is just wonderfull food.
I will miss it when i have to make my own meals when i am home.......
we get al our change together and we make a nice big thank you sign from all the coins on the bureau in our room for the cleaninglady. We left a tip for her every morning, but we wanted to show how much we appreciated her hard work every day.
Later in the evening my hubby won 100 Usd in a dragonslotmachine and that was it for us.

Day 7- 6Am the wakeup call was not necessary, we were already awake.
watching that last sunrise, with cinnamonrolls and coffee.
8.17 Am, boarding and a calm flight to Chicago, here we have to wait 4 hours for our flight to Amsterdam, the plane is booked full, so we can't buy extra legspace. So it is quit tight for the next 8 hours or so. We have a flight in the dark, but at 7 Am we fly over Dublin and when we see all that golden light from the homes and streets it makes a lovely site and we now know it is not far to home. We fly over drillingplatforms and boats on the Northsee, and there are the dunes of Northern Holland, We are home, but i for one will miss L.V and hope to come back soon, untill then i will look many times at my 300 picture and relive this great vacation.