Our trip started well at London's Gatwick Airport with a Vodka breakfast at the private lounge I had booked us in to. On this trip I took my wife's brother in law Barrie with me. First trip for him, trip number 13 for me, although I kept telling everyone it was number 14 as I did not want to mention the "t" word. Our cab driver seemed to take the scenic route to Luxor and then dumped us at the Tower registration entrance. Wrong one. Thanks cabby. Having checked in quickly, we chose to dump our cases and go straight out exploring. We got our Players Club cards and headed off to Mandalay Bay as I wanted to see the barman I saw 18 months previously. Doug the barman works the bar opposite the House of Blues and I have to say is a complete legend. Not only did he remember my name, he also remembered the names of the 2 friends I was drinking with, and also remembered that he did not get to see my wife and her friend when they visited a year ago as he was off work with a busted arm. Great barman, have a drink with him when you are in town. We got a drink from Doug and I introduced Barrie to the slots. On my third spin I won $1000! A good start but that was about it for the week.
For the week we did all the usual stuff. Highlights on the restaurant front were PF Chang's in Planet Hollywood and Red Square in Mandalay Bay. Aureole (also in MB) was also pretty good but the food was so rich it was hard work. Had the most potent Apple Martini ever though. The cocktails at Red Square were also epic.
Went to Fremont; loved the new zip line but didn't ride it. Hope they keep it. Went for an italian dinner at Grotto in Golden Nugget. This was the 4th time I have been in this restaurant and it is always good.
Spent several evenings watching the band at the Fontana bar at bellagio. Had drinks and got talking to Ray the singer and his buddy the drummer. Good guys, but I was horrified that after being on stage for 3 hours or more, these guys had to buy their own drinks. The hotels just do not look after these people.
On the last couple of days, we watched CSI being filmed in the Luxor. Really interesting and got close up to the actors who play Capt Brass and CSI Nick Stokes. Tried my best to sneak my face into shot but I think I failed.
Other than that lost in spectacular fashion on the Roulette table, had a couple of boozy nights that were really funny and generally had a great time. Too short a time, yet again but I will be back. Anyone who says you can do Vegas in 3 days is a liar. If you are reading this and you have never been, you need to give it at least 10 days, unless if like me, the addiction gets the better of you and you go back time and time again. Looking forward to the real trip 14, whenever that may be.......................