This is long. So sorry.

Well here goes! My trip as for the Thanksgiving Nov. 25- Nov 28, 2010, at the Monte Carlo. Took off from my house at 10 am by 11:30 am I had gone 37 miles... not a good start. Traffic was bad to start off then after that the traffic jam I thought it could only get better... yeah right.... There is a theme to this so bare with me. The trip should have taken 3 hours to get there but took 6 hours. So we park in Valet, but the bell hops were so busy (not due to people but due to the fact that there were only 2 of them working and 15 cars. So we take our bags to the registration and get in line to check in..... and wait.... and wait... and wait... after an hour to get checked in and we finally got to our room and dump off our bags and head back down to the casino. Off to 'The Pub', to order some food and get some of the local brewed beer. It was happy hour and the food on the happy hour was not all that great, so we finish off our 10% alcohol beers and walk to Diablo's for our Thanksgiving dinner (Chicken Nachos, Patron shot, and Beers.) From there into the Casino for some Pia Gow, bought in for $1000, and played for 4 hours, up and down up and down. At the end of the night only down $99. Ended the night early.

Up at 7 am Friday and down to the Buffet, Champagne Brunch for $19, but my co horte in crime, said lets got to the café to save money. Well, sounded good, but at the café we paid $37 for both of us.... hmm.... So off to the Mile Shop at Planet HO. Me.. I hate shopping and was dreading all the people on black Friday, but to my surprise there was almost no one at the mall. We strolled and she shopped and I waited, and she shopped some more, and more and more....We came away with 2 items. (did I say I hate shopping?) By now its coming up on 11am so I want to check out the Lagassi Stadium. So off to the Palazzo we go.

After searching for the place we find it (not easy to find, but it's on the lower level of the hotel). Got in and this place is amazing. TVs everywhere, drinks are reasonable, and the food is well priced. We stay there and drink and gamble. Placed a few bets on the games, came out with $100 ahead... (Sweet I'm up a whole dollar) So we leave and head to the Fashion Mall. Now this is where every one was. No one went to the Mile Shops they all came here! So we push our way into the mall to 'shop' (means I stand there and look happy thinking 'come on, hurry up' LOL) So we are in the Neiman Marcus, and I leaning against the wall (waiting with my happy look) and I notice there are a few police men coming to the area. I look and see 3 girls 'shopping' (meaning with out money, I assume) so I say 'um time to go' and we start for the door as we make it there the 3 nice girls who were shopping must have heard that there was a great sale somewhere else because they were running out of the store to get somewhere really quick, I guess the police heard about the sale too, because they where running right behind them. Unfortunately, they didn't make it to the sale, since (again I'm only guessing) one girls was a wrestler and she decided it would be fun to wrestle with the police man. I guess he didn't think it was fun because he put her in this move where her hand were behind her back and cuffed her. At this same time, one of the other girls while looking back to see her friend wrestling, apparently didn't seen the Christmas tree that was ahead of her as she crashed into it, knocking it over and spilling all the ornaments to the ground. By this time Im laughing so hard I almost miss the 3rd girl get tazed as she tired to hit the police officer. So, I turn to my friend and said time for a Sushi and some Sake, shopping is too exciting for me.

We ate at Ra (the sushi place just in front) We missed happy hour by an hour so we just ate and had some drinks and left. Good food and good prices too. So we head to grab a taxi at the mall to head to down town. We just hop into this one taxi and off to the freeway we do and.........................Stop (See the theme here?) .........................and Wait.......................... there is a huge accident right after we get on the we wait..........not moving....................and wait...................................and by now we have gone ¼ mile and I tell him get off the freeway and drop us off at palace station. That cab ride was the most expensive ride I have ever taken for the shortest length.... So we head into the casino and play VP, Bonus I buy in for a $20 and she buys in for $20. Her first hand 4OAK, she says she's done and cashes out. I play until my last $1.25 and I hit 4OAK was going to cash out, she says play one more hand 'She has a feeling' (whatever), the next hand Straight Flush, yeah yeah yeah womans intuition... I hear all you ladies already... so now I cash out and off we go.

We hop back into a taxi and off to downtown we go, we now get caught up in traffic from the mall that is down but I notice this driver is not doing something the last one was doing, Hitting the gas real hard and then the brake, again and again... * something I learned- when they do the gas and brake like that the car trip meter thinks they are traveling and not waiting in traffic (the trip meter calculates money differently when you are waiting as to driving) as he was causing the fair to be higher. (the taxi guy told us this was a trick that some drivers did.) Well, it took us about 35 minutes to get to down town but our total was almost half of the first one. Just an FYI for all you.

Down town has these zip lines that run the length of Fremont, it was $15 if you did this before 6pm, So I go into the casino to grab some liquid courage and off I go. I have to say that was so much fun and I will definitely do it again. They hook you up in this harness and put you on the zip line (a thick cable) and then off you go. They didn't tell you this tho, but the heavier you are the faster you go, Well on that note, I'm 225lbs. So my ride was over pretty quick. LOL. From there off Fritz to the Vue bar, played $100 on VP and she played $100. Lets just say, what we won as quickly as we did at PS, we lost just was quick here. Grabs some drink and out to the patio to do some people watching. WOW...interesting bunch of people, that is all I can say. We head over to the Fremont and get to the bar at the sports book and sit down and play VP there, both in for $100, I play and hit a few of Triples but no 4OAKs. Up and down and drinking. She on the other hand could not loose. 4OAK, full boats, Triples, flushes. She cashes out after about 3 hours with $300ish, and I $101... Wheeeeee a whole buck. LOL So I say time to head back to the monte carlo, but she want to take the Duce instead of a taxi - because it will save us money... (whatever) So we get on the Duce and pay the $5 a person and then off to the way of the strip. We hit the strip......................and STOP.........................and Wait.................and accident at LVB and Sahara..................45 minutes later we are on the move again..................We get to just about Circus Circus ................... and STOP and wait............. This time one of the tourist decided they would run across the Strip without looking for cars (guess the heard they could gamble at that hotel and get a beer) well the people in the car who didn't seem to stop hit them and I think really ruined there night of gmabling. So we wait..........and we wait..........and we wait.........finally after 30 more minutes we make to the hotel.

Jump on $25 dollar black Jack with $1000 buy in, went on a winning run, was up to $1875, and then went back down to $1400, and decided to walk away. So I'm off and decide to head to the room for the night knowing I'm ahead. As I'm leaving the area I run into a Craps Table (who put that there?) So I buy in for $500, guy rolling starts off and hits a 8, so $25 pass line, $100 odds, $5 on all the hardways, $25 dollar on the 6, $25 come bet, and off we go, he rolls a hard 4 and $25 come to the 4 and back it up with $50 odds, get paid on the hard 4. Anther come bet for $25, guy roll a soft ten. $25 come to the 10 and $50 odd, and $5 back up on the hard 10. Next roll................7! well there goes $325 in just under 3 minutes... I'm off to the room up $75.

Next morning up early and off to the Buffet, was actually very good. Definitely recommend it to everyone. Off to the District near GVR (Green Valley Ranch) to Jos. A Banks (very nice store for Men's suits) I wanted a new leather jacket and heard through a friends they had $750 jackets for $199 but only a few left and one was just sitting there for me. SCORE! Then she sees a Pottery Barn or something that has cooking stuff on sale and we go in there while I wait with my happy face on...  and she gets 2 cookie cutters, for $18.. oh well at least I know I will get cookies someday. Over the GVR to check out Gillis a neat little bar, the bartender was Raymond, real nice guy, got some drinks and we played some VP, both in for $100 and Raymond said 'just so you know the machine your (mine) machine hit the royal this morning, but the person only was playing 1 credit and the other machine she was one had been loose all day too. To me it doesn't mean a lot, just fun to think I could win more than a $1 and be ahead on VP. So she hits 3 trips in a row, a full house, and 2 more trips with out one loss. Me, being a smart guy said 'hey I have a feeling do 1 more? my evil side said I'm going to show you... and she hits 4OAK's. Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know. Well, time to leave and I'm down to $80 and I play 1 more and ............. 2 pair,back to my buy in. I cash out and off we go to down town.

We parked at Binion's, I like this place, it centrally located in down town and free parking. Off to hit a few casino, now I'm just goofing around, playing $20 here and there and I find this 1 cent machine with fish on it and I put in the money and play max. first pull nothing, second pull won the max bet back, next pull hit 2 pay lines, 7 7 7 x7 and some fish thing, and a hook and a bag= 7x paid 27000 pennies and the other paid 3600 pennies. Good pay out for just messing around. The guy next to said so what are you going to with all your winning, said 'I think I will fill my tank up on the truck.' (Ford F250 super cab, lifted aka gas hog.) LOL. From here, over to the 4Q's, played the wheel of fortune, put in $100 and that was gone fast than my ex-wife on move out day. Moved over to some Slot machine called Haywire, was a fun little game after about a ½ hour on that we walked away even.

We then went over to the Mermaid for a deep fried Twinkie and Oreo for 99 cents, after my first bite, my heart said OH MY GOD!! Stop!! But I ignored it and finish up this really good dessert. Then off to a bar at the far end of Fremont Street (I forgot the name, little Irish place) Had a beer there and played a bit of VP, no winning here. *Caveat* If they ask you what size beer here, DO NOT SAY LARGE unless you want a 64 oz beer. LOL. I learned the 38 dollar lesson the hard way. Next we stumbled back the truck to head back to the Monte Carlo. *I should have taken a taxi*.

Park valet and to the casino floor and off to the Black Jack, $1000 buy and $500 for her. She losses $250 and she is off to find VP to play. Me, I start off and on a good winning streak, the new drink of choice is Crown and 7 up, the cocktail girl was awesome, she keep bringing them as fast as she was able so I though I would see if she would bring them as doubles, she Says 'sir these are doubles' Oh...  Next time around (and I have never had this happen before) she bring me two drinks and says 'your drinking so fast I can't keep up..' Not sure how to take that but I have my 2 drinks now. Since I am a bit on the buzzed side I don't notice that I am really doing well, I get some control and check my chips and I have nearly 3k, so like a good gambler I cash in..... YEAH RIGHT I pushed my bet to $250 a hand and I realize the Pit boss never took my players card, so I mention it to the dealer, she tell the guy, I have been playing here for a hour and he notes my $250 hand LOL. SCORE! After a bit of time I loss about 1k and decide I will just play 1 more hand for $500 and walk no matter what. First card 3, and second card 7, dealer has a 4. Well I put up another $500, and she puts the card face down. I don't even want to look, dealer flips her card for a 7, now she has 11, and hits for another 9 giving her a 20. Flips mine and Ace of hearts. 21. Some where in this time, my girl comes to the table and was out of money so I gave her $500. Not sure what happen to that money.
Take the chips color up and I'm off to bed.

Vegas was good to me this trip, over all I was up almost 2k.
Next morning we check out and head home and of course hit traffic leaving Vegas due to an accident and holiday traffic. Hope you all enjoyed this, and sorry was so long.