First a little background. I am a 38 year old female (D) and traveling with me is my
husband (K) of 16 years. This will be around our 30th trip to Vegas. We never kept count,
but we've been going to Vegas since 1998 and average 2-3 trips a year. This trip we're
doing something we've never done before. We have booked hotel nights just to get the
free play (FP) offered with them. We know some people might frown on this, but we
wanted to do something different and see if it would pay off.

Friday, Nov. 26th
Flight departed from OKC, non-stop on Southwest. It wasn't a full flight so we were able
to keep an empty space between us. K ordered a Heineken, D ordered Bailey's and coffee
using drink coupons from SWA.

We picked up our car at Alamo. We normally get economy, but the price was the same this
time so we got an upgrade to compact. The only cars that were available had hatchbacks
and K wanted an actual trunk so people wouldn't see our luggage if we had to leave it in
the car, when an employee drove up in a newly washed 4-door Hyundai. Not only did it
have a trunk, it had a keyless remote, cruise control (things you don't get with most
economy cars) and Sirius satellite radio. Normally it wouldn't make a difference, but we're
spending one night in Laughlin, so the cruise control and satellite radio will come in handy.
After picking up the car, we drove straight to Palace Station to check-in. We have an offer
here for 2 nights stay, $50 in FP and $15 food credit. After checking in we drove to the In-
N-Out Burger on Sahara. We always have at least one meal there during each trip. The
food was perfect as usual. D turned the $50 FP into $25, then lost that, plus $20 more of
our own money. K down $45. We've decided we do not like the new Fusion Red Hot

We then went to the Flamingo where we would be staying for the next 4 nights comped.
Got a GO room, but no upgrade to a suite. Walked to the Diamond Lounge at Caesars. K
got a Manhattan, D got a Cosmo, then an amaretto. I ordered Disaronno, but it was a
cheap brand of amaretto instead.

Went to Bill's to see Big Elvis, but he had called in sick for the day. Also noted that they
have changed the lounge so there is a one-drink minimum if you want to sit in the lounge
for the show. It's still free at the bar, though.

Drove to Ellis Island to use our 3 free drinks for two coupon. K down $20, D down $40.
Then we decided to walk to the Tuscany. K down $40, D down $25. Walked back to the
Ellis Island, in bed by 8:00p.m. That was our earliest EVER for our first night in Vegas.

Saturday, Nov. 27th
Woke up around 4:30 due to getting to bed so early. K went to Walgreen's for essentials,
then played a little, down $5. We were at the Gold Coast by 7:00, down $20 each. At the
Rio Carnival Buffet by 8:00 for the champagne brunch. This was free for both thanks to a
coupon Harrah's had mailed K. We had a nice waitress who would bring us refills without
us even asking. Nice.

We hadn't been to the Orleans for a few years so decided to give it a try again. D down
$70, K down $10. (You'll notice a losing pattern so far, but it'll get better.)

Back to Palace Station so D could take a nap. K came out ahead $140. Why does K always
do better when D is up taking a nap? Whatever works, right? We still had a $15 food comp
to use so we went to Jack's Pub in Palace Station. K had a Guinness and D had a Perfect
Margarita followed by a Cherry Rum and Pepsi.

We then drove out to Barley's on Sunset. It was not as enjoyable as it had been in the past
and it took forever for the waitress to bring a beer even though it's a small casino. Doubt
we'll bother going back. D down $60, K down $10.

Stopped by Trader Joe's to get a wine bottle opener for our free wine from the M Resort we
would be picking up later. (We only do carry-on so we couldn't bring one from home.)
Went to South Point because K wanted to make a wager on the OU/OSU football game. We
were there for at least a couple of hours and were having luck on the slots, then OU beat
OSU. K turned his $60 wager into $110. K broke even on the slots and D came out ahead
$200. Yeah!

Went to Green Valley Ranch for the buffet since Station had mailed us so many free buffet
coupons earlier in the month. It was not good at all and neither of us would bother going
back. Not much of a selection and the food we sampled just wasn't good.

Sunday, Nov. 28th
Checked out of Palace Station. Went to Texas Station as we had booked one night here to
get $35 in FP. The room wasn't ready, so we decided to use our coupons for the buffet. It
wasn't bad, but just okay. D broke even, K down $30. Went to Fiesta Rancho. We had
never been there before and even though they are a Station property, they use a different
player's card so we were new members and received a gift each of some small lights you
would screw to the wall, then just push them to make them come on. Not much, but
probably better than $5 FP which is what you get at some places. D down $40, K down
$42. Went to Wildfire. We've been there in the past and had some luck. They've
remodeled the inside since last time and it looks a lot bigger with newer games and pretty
clean. D up $30, K down $60. At 12:45 our room was ready. Early check-in cost $5 at
Texas Station, but we didn't want to wait until 3:00 so we paid it. Complained, though, so
they gave us 2 coupons for a free coffee at the Starbuck's. $35 FP turned into $39.50.
Went to the Silverton. We used to stay here pretty frequently but the free room offers have
dwindled. We still make it a point to go out there once each trip. The place has expanded
so much since we first started going there. There's even a Johnny Rockets in there now. K
down $20. D up $190 due to a $250 hit on a Super Times Pay, nickel getting 4 deuces
when it was at a 5 times multiplier.

Went to the M Resort to check in. (Thanks Mare!) The Lady at check-in said we were
upgraded to an Executive Room because there were no other king bed non-smoking rooms
available. It was very nice. I loved the toiletries and all of the marble, plus the shades that
raise or lower by the push of a button. We decided to spend the next two nights here
instead of the Flamingo. We got our free bottle of wine. K got a free box of Thin Mints. K
down $40. D down $45.

Went to Caesars Diamond Lounge and had two drinks each, then went to Margaritaville and
charged our meals to the room to pay with RCS's upon checkout. Back to the M Resort.

Monday, Nov. 29th
Had breakfast at the buffet at the M Resort both free with our mailers. Went to Circus
Circus. D up $1.20, K down $40. On to Slots A Fun. K down $20, D down $40. On to the
Riviera. D down $60, K down $60. That area used to be so much more fun. Back when
Westward Ho and the Stardust were still there. We used to love going there first thing in
the morning and getting free donuts at Slots A Fun, then the ice cream socials in the
afternoon at Westward Ho with the free lounge acts and $1 frozen margaritas in the back.
We're talking 32 oz, not those little ones they have at Bill's now that are 6 oz.

Drove to Sam's Town. D up $30, K down $60. Checked into Boulder Station for one night
to get FP. We got FP, but didn't write it down, so I'm thinking we lost it. Drove to Arizona
Charlie's. D down $40, K broke even. Went downtown for a free slot tournament at the
Golden Nugget. Checked in for the tournament. Ate at the Carson St. Café, and wouldn't
you know it, they were the ONE restaurant inside GN that didn't take the Landry's card.
Went to Mermaids. They have the first penny machines (at least that I remember) in the
very back. I can't remember the name of them, but there are 4 different games to choose
from and we always have a lot of fun on them. They were probably the first 'ticket out'
machines too, as they print out a receipt at the bottom of the machine and you take it to
the cashier. D down $30. K down $20. Back to GN. D down $20, K down $20. Back to the
M. K up $80, D down $40.

November 30, Tuesday
Checked out of the M Resort. Checked out of Boulder Station via phone. Checked out of
the Flamingo and was able to pay the Margaritaville tab and a cigar from the gift shop with
RCS's. Went to Terrible's for breakfast, paid with points. We really like the breakfast in
their café, but would never go back to their buffet. One time was enough to know to not
go back. Back to the GN for the slot tournament. Didn't win. Played some. D down $60,
K down $50. Went to Mermaids. D down $25, K broke even. Waited for the 3:00 drawing
at the GN for $500, didn't get our names drawn. Left for Laughlin.

Arrived at Harrah's first. D up $20, K up $60. Then headed over to the Aquarius to play
K's FP for $35. Turned that into $60. D down $12.

Had dinner at Landry's Restaurant and after ordering enough food and drink to get up to
the $50 we had on our card we were told that we couldn't purchase alcohol with it. We
then had a LONG conversation with the manager, but nothing changed. Twice now, we
have had a very upsetting situation with this card. (The main reason we got it was for the
free room upgrade at the GN in Vegas, were we will be staying tomorrow night.) Went to
the Diamond Lounge at Harrah's to try to soften the blow. They still had Disaronno, so D
had two of those while K had one Manhattan.

K had $150 FP in Nov. and then the same for Dec. at the GN in Laughlin. We played $75
each on Nov. 30th and turned that into $309.15!

Wednesday, Dec. 1st
We had breakfast at Harlow's inside the GN. $1.99 each, paid with comps. Played K's
$150 in FP and turned it into $75.33. Left Laughlin up! Drove back to Vegas.
Played at Binion's. K up $90, D up $80. K got a free luggage tote through a player's card
promotion. Went to Fremont. K & D down $20 each. Back to the GN. K down $20, D down
$10. Back to Fremont. K up $80. D didn't play. Back to GN. D up $15. K didn't play.
Drove to Ellis Island because we still had free drink coupons and $10 FP each. D down $40,
K up $35. Then on to Terrible's. D down $60, K up $110.

Back to Fremont Street so K could do the zipline. That was quite an experience. I was able
to capture it on my phone. There are four people on there, but they start them at different
times. K was last to go. He was going so fast at the bottom that the guy didn't catch him,
so he ended up going backwards almost half the way back up the zipline! Then stopped.
He was hanging above Fremont Street and I didn't know if I should be scared or laugh. In
what was less than a minute they had an employee go up the zipline and pull K back in.
There were numerous people on Fremont chanting, 'go, go, go'. It was hysterical. I'm
glad I got it on video. He's planning on buying an all-day pass when we go in February.

Went to Binion's and a girl handed us a coupon sheet as we came in. K was able to get a
cigar for 20% with one of the coupons. K broke even. D down $30. On to the 4 Queens.
D down $20, K down $20. I was able to talk K into going to the La Bayou casino since I
can't remember ever stepping foot in the place. We sat down and put $5 each into our slot
machines hoping to make it last long enough to get a drink. K ended up getting almost all
of the sheriff on Rawhide and cashed out with $85.23. D lost $5.

Back to Binion's for the pizza and beer special at Benny's Bullpen. $12 for a pepperoni
pizza and a pitcher of beer. Paid with points. Our waitress said that she boxes up any
leftover pizza and sets it outside for the homeless. That made us feel a little better about
not finishing the pizza.

Thursday, Dec. 2
We ate breakfast at the café in Binion's which ended up being free because I had a coupon
for $10, and we paid the rest with points. Played for a bit. K broke even, D down $5.
Earned extra swipes for their promotion, got a free deck of cards.

We came home ahead $260!! Now, that might not sound like that much money, but we can
count the times on one hand that we've ever came back ahead. We count ourselves lucky
if we have any of the cash left our of gambling fund when we come home.

Sorry for the lateness in getting this report out. I promised to do it before our next trip,
and I did.