We left Seattle early morning on Friday. Flight landed 2 1/2 hours later. We took the Executive Shuttle for $6 direct to Venetian and walked to Palazzo. Palazzo was next stop, but we didn't want to wait for everyone to unload and continue, so we just walked and probably beat the shuttle. At check-in they offered us a room upgrade for $45+. We asked what was the upgrade, they said a nicer, higher up room. We declined and I nicely asked for a room as high up as they could go. We got a room on the 39th floor. We paid $149 a night for Fri/Sat night (Expedia package). This was the nicest hotel I have every stayed in. The rooms were a little worn around the edges, furniture nicks, worn sofa, etc., but overall very clean, and super nice. We had a view of the Wynn. There was a resort fee of $17 plus tax per night, that gives you fitness center access, pool towels, in-room Internet and a newspaper. The Internet worked great both wi-fi and wired in room, fast, connected easy. The fitness center was really nice with TV in each piece of cardio equipment.

We must have brought the rain with us to Vegas, because it rained almost all of Friday and Friday night. The sidewalks and overpasses were extremely slippery and caused problems with the outside escalators and people movers -- many were shut down. And there was even Fog in the desert on Saturday night - the weatherman said very, very rare for Vegas.

We walked to the ABC store in the Fashion Mall across the street and picked up some booze and mixers for the room. Walgreens inside the Palazzo (actually stripside entrance) was convenient for water and additional mixer.

Next, we had a few cocktails in the room and then walked back to the Fashion Show mall to get tickets for the "Price is Right Live" at Bally's. $37 each.

The show was just like the show on TV, the announcer and host were past game show people and from Entertainment Tonight. It was really, really fun for those that like the show. The format played a little different from the TV show, but was close. All the items during the show were prices at the high full retail and were items you wouldn't think would be as expensive as they should. Then the showcase was way lower than you'd think -- a car for like $9000 !!! LOL. Anyway it was fun. Didn't get called up to try for prizes, but had good odds to do so, only half full show.

We had happy hour drinks and dinner at a pub inside Bally's.

We headed back to our room had a few more cocktails and then went gambling in the Palazzo for the evening.

Saturday morning we got up walked the strip to check out Cosmopolitan and City Center. Really nice buildings, very modern and just beautiful. Enjoyed lots of window shopping at all the nice high end stores. Some of the jewelry stores have very expensive jewelry in the windows -- we saw a at least 10 carat pear shaped diamond!

Saturday night we took bus to downtown. Picks up in front of Wynn next door and costs $7 for 24 hour pass. Downtown was ok, but very slow on people. We had a $5.99 prime rib dinner at the Gold Spike for kicks. We expected the worst, but actually it was just fine. And the diners and servers in there were a hoot.

We didn't really win anything the whole trip to bring back home. Overall lost about $200-$300 gambling each, but we had a really fun time doing it. I know that sounds strange having fun losing money, but we gambled for many many hours on all 3 days, got lots of free cocktails, we won lots of $5-$20 jackpots that kept us going, and earned enough points at Palazzo to get $10 in free comp play. The entire trip cost about $1600 for two people with gambling and food, drinks, hotel, airfare, etc. It was $1000 for two, just for the airfare and hotel + $600 for all the food, drinks and gambling.

I don't think it matters where you gamble, all the machines take your money just the same. It's a myth that downtown in "loose". They were the same slots as the strip.

It's nice to see that Vegas is slowly turning non-smoking.