Wife, daughter and I had a nice flight from Omaha to Vegas. Thanks Southwest. Wife and I put daughter on a flight from Vegas to Phoenix then off to gambling we went. Golden Nugget let us check in early and gave us a room overlooking the strip. It was in the Carson tower (long walk when tired) but was still a nice room. Our maid service was excellent. Thanks Golden Nugget. Food this trip was a mixture of full price and two for one. Basically a good deal. Gambling was not as generous as previous trips but I did see a royal on a nickel machine at California Casino. The Fremont Street Experience really needs a face lift. The half finished hotels on the strip are just as bad to look at as the slums. But then again, we spend most of our time inside so who really cares. The cab drivers are always an adventure! The biggest disappointment was all the kids hauled in by tourists. One would think that Disney put in a theme park! I thought Vegas tried the family thing back in the 90's and it failed? I have a 17 year old daughter. I do not want her standing around the casinos on Fremont Street watching barely clothed pole dancers. Even the little girls around 10 through 13 years of age cannot take their eyes off these dancers. They are getting the message that they can do that when they grow up! I think parents who bring their kids to Vegas and dump them off at the pool so they can go play need to reassess where they should be taking their family vacations! Other than that it was a great trip. As always....can't wait to go back!