Had a good flight on Allegiant, excluding my upset stomach caused by God knows what. Arrive on time but spent 2 hours waiting for my sister coming in from Ft. Lauderdale through Denver. She rented a car from Fox very reasonable but it took 2 shuttles to get there.
So we had a 1 am arrival at the Gold Coast. My sister was a nubie so after the very good value and food breakfast buffet at the GC we started her baptism. We used the GC shuttle went to the Tix 2 Nite at Bill's. @ ticket to the Jersys Boys. Super show, maybe better for us as ex NYers and Italian Americans. My birthday was the 22 of July her is August 6. So my treat was the play and dinner at the Bellagio buffet Friday. She treated me to the Wicked Spoon Buffet at the Cosmo. Bellagio is always great, rack of Lamb delicious! Alaskan and Snow legs excellent. The following is a quick review of both buffets. Bellagio holds the edge in Salads, apps and fish choices. WS food was very creative eg. watermelon gazpacho! But lacked variety and substance in both Apps. and salads. Carving station no comparison! Bellagio Kobi top sirloin, Prime rib, beef wellington, rack of lamb, Scrab, WS- snow crab, Prime R, Leg of Lamb. Vegetables also the winner is Bellagio. W Spoon was the winner in the Asian Station, hot and cold. And the creativity in their Italian Station was incredible- individual pots of polenta with piece of short ribs, ricotta gnocchi with a Lamb ragu. WS also had a close edge in their desserts with make your own strawb. shortcake and a gelato station, homemade marshmallows, etc. We also went to the Red Rock Canyon, well worth the short trip. Gambling not so good for me but, with my comps. Still a bargains and I can't wait to go back.