I enjoy reading the trip reports so it is only fair that I contribute my vegas report. The reports had dropped off lately so my reading material is limited.

Took Southwest flight out of Buffalo. Excellent flight. No complaints what-so-ever. Staff worked hard to ensure passengers were looked after. We arrived around 10:10 am and took a taxi to the hotel. Cost was about $40 with tip...pricey but we got there in good time.

Room was ready upon arrival. Hotel is very tired. They actually need to close it down and do a complete renovation...like the Plaza is doing. Our room had 2 queen beds. One had a new mattress, the other had an old one...not sure what that was all about. The room was clean but that is really all I can say about it. And it was comped so not much to really complain about. We tried to go to the "pool" but there was no shade at all and it was way to hot to stay in the sun...that "pool" experience was cut very short.

Downtown is really making a comeback. The crowds are returning to the downtown core. Lots of action/street performers and the concerts are a nice touch. Friday night was so busy. Lots of action and lots of people. Excitement is all around. The new zip line that runs down Fremont St. is interesting. The lineup is long to spend your $15 per zip! It's nice to see the crowds returning.

Meals were mostly eaten at the 4 Queens...the prime rib for $7.95 was decent and the breakfasts were good as well.

We did go to the strip one day...the hottest day for us...112 degrees...too hot for walking around the strip. Not sure if I would make the trip in August again...way too hot for me.

Took a run out to M Resort...a long way to go. It was nice but the same as what you get on the strip. There is nothing else around the M Resort...yet...South Point is the next closest hotel/casino around M Resort. Paid a visit to Sam's Town as well.

Didn't see anyone winning big...but most of the machines are now penny machines and I think they just eat your money unless you are playing max. Tables were busy and very loud...must have had some winners there!

Flight home was uneventful...we left on time and into Buffalo a bit early.