Flew out of Seattle on a Monday morning, plane was full, on-time. Security was a 15 min. wait, otherwise was completely uneventful.

Arrive Vegas about 11am. Took airport rental car shuttle to pick up Hertz car. No wait for the shuttle. Airport was moderately busy. First car had no gas -- on fumes. Didn't notice until at gate to leave garage -- she asked is the tank full? NOPE! Whoops. Turned around and got a new car. Gave us a new car which was beat up to hell and back. I had so many marks on my form for scratches and dings and dents I could hardly complete the form. Kind of a hassle, but really only took an extra 15 minutes.

Off to the recently re-opened Montelago Casino up at Lake Las Vegas. Signed up for players card and got a nice T-shirt, free drink and half off lunch. Lunch at Harry's was good, nice hamburger and fries. The casino was tiny, tiny, tiny and virtually no one there -- which was actually nice. Didn't take any winnings.

Next stop off to Albertsons to stock up on booze from the room and some snacks. I ended up buying way too much!

Next check-in at the Tuscany Suites. The Tuscany is about one block behind Bally's on Flamingo. Check-in was easy and normal. Although, why is it whenever I check in to a hotel they only "have one room left", whenever a special request is made? I'm beginning to think I'm being played!

The hotel has 3 story buildings on the property spread out. Of course, we were in the very last one in the back of the property and in the very last corner room on the 3rd floor furthest from the elevator. We learned to like the stairs!

The pool was nice, but get there early! It opens at 7am and there were a lot of early birds getting the good chairs. The only complaint I have is the "prison" bed and "prison" pillows. Yikes! If there is one thing to not skimp on in a hotel, it is the bed and pillows! Other than that, the hotel was a nice, cheap, 2-3 star motel style place. The casino was fun, I won lots, played lots, but didn't ultimately take any winnings home with me. Cocktail service at the slots was decent. I know those drinks are free, but they really aren't worth the $1 tip -- at any casino. I know it has been like this since probably the 60's, but they really need to improve the free drinks! I started ordering white russians to get something fancier and those were pretty nice. But, one gulp and they were gone and the booze was probably a teaspoon. No matter though -- I heavily pre-loaded in the room before heading to the casinos!!!

The strip casinos were packed! And very tight. Didn't win or get to play long. Just sucked the money in. Lots of people playing though. Packed! And don't remember even seeing a cocktail waitress.

Saw Carrot Top at Luxor. This guys has been around for awhile and my friend almost wouldn't go with me because of the cheese factor. I told him I actually heard good reviews. It was a really good show... prop comedien. And he looks normal in person!!! LOL. Small theater, so you get to be close, was almost sold out.

What is it with all these young 20's people hanging around and posing, blocking aisles and having all the arrogant cocky attitude? Why do the casinos pander to them?, I never see them gambling, just walking around looking pretty and being snotty. Acting like they are celebrities. Really, rather a pain.

I heard for years about the Palms having the "hot eye candy" so I went over there and checked it out. Yup, the same seniors and 40+ crowd at all the other casinos playing the slots and tables.

I think the casinos are betting they will turn these young people into eventual players? Maybe so, then again, I didn't start going to casinos till I was mid 30's and had money to blow and I wasn't lured in my 20's -- but I made it.

Anyway, I guess I complained a lot on my review. But, it was a really, really fun trip and I would do it again. A week went by too fast.

My tips are: visit non-strip casinos, less people, better promotions, easier free cocktails and I swear the slots looser. I won like $200-$300 total at the cheezy Westin Causarina! Staying off strip gets you less people at the casinos and at the pool and restaurants. Everything was a line to wait on strip, at the Tuscany, could eat whenever easily.