Usually make it to Vegas twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. This year our grandson was getting married at the Flamingo, so we decided to just do one trip and add a day or two on to it. Booked Delta early and using their pay for miles option, it only ended up costing us a total of 178RT for both of us. There were cheaper flights to take but we have vowed not to do the red-eye or layovers any more. Had an offer from Paris at casino rate and being this was over a week-end, it was quite a bit more expensive than the usual mid-week that we do. My brother and his wife wanted to stay at Paris for the first time. We could have stayed at other properties (some for 2 free nights) but Paris has been out hotel of choice the last few years since we had a bad experience with the rooms at Flamingo previously. Flight was uneventful and we checked into Paris about 6p.m. I have sucessfully used the $20 trick but this time didn't try it. We didn't get a high floor but had a view of the pool and the room was fine. My brother did use the $20 trick and got a suite on the 26th floor. Met up with the wedding party at the Flamingo and gambled the night away. Went to Bill's Gambling hall for a late breakfast and didn't realize that if we waited until 11pm breakfast was 4.99. We ordered 3 omlets, my husband ordered bacon,eggs, hash browns and an extra egg (he wanted 3) and we had 4 coffees. The bill was over 70.00 not counting the tip. YIKES. 20 minutes later and the bill would have been half that if we all ordered the late night special. The wedding was beautiful and the minister personalized it just beautifully. Would recommend anyone doing a wedding at the Flamingo Gazebo. The rest of the days are a blur or gambling, drinking, laughing and having a great time. After about 4 full days of gambling, i was down $5.00 and my husband was even with the money he brought, even taking out the cabs, tips, meals that he paid for. The last two days did us in. Day 5 was the worst, with no wins to speak of and the harder we tried the worse it got. End of day 5, i was down about 450. and my husband about 500.
We went into the Cosmo and it is beautiful. Streets were jammed with people and there seems to be a seedier element around the flamingo, imperial palace, bally's area. Not too many years ago, we felt safe walking around at 2 or 3 in the morning, but not this year. Couldn't quite put my finger on it, just a feeling. We both hit 4ok at the bar at Paris the next morning and that helped some.

There was a crowd of about 30 people that came from Michigan for the wedding at Flamingo. Most staying at the Flamingo or Imperial Palace or in our case at Paris. Flamingo rooms according to the people who stayed there ranged from UGGGG! to not too bad with the Go rooms getting high marks. Heard many complaints about the rooms and slow elevators at Imperial. Didn't hear of any big wins from the crowd but the newly weds played the big bertha slot machine between Bally's and Paris and hit for $750.00!!!!! Most people hit for a couple of hundred dollars here and there but put most of it back. I also heard that Hash house a go go at Imperial was ther worst breakfast they ever had. Heard this from more than a few people. We went downtown and had fun playing blackjack for hours at Binions and Fremont. The bride was new to Vegas and the Fremont light show was not working because of some mechanical trouble. The MGM Lions were in their den and could not be seen, the TI show was cancelled because of rain. We had the wedding dinner at Grand Luxe at the Venetian and it was wonderful. The waitstaff made it fun and they were excellent. We played video poker at NYNY and even though we didn't win a thing there, they had the best music. I like that place more and more but have never had any luck there. Go figure.