This was the first trip to Vegas for my wife and I. A friend came with us that has been to Vegas many times. He acted as our tour guide. We have taken a few gambling vacations in the past but always to Reno. There is a casino resort there called the Peppermill. We enjoy the place so much we had not desired to try anything else until now. My wife and I are in our 40's and are lowly Gold level players in the Harrah's empire our friend is a Diamond.

Our flight leaves Indianapolis around Mid day Saturday the 22nd, flight out was non stop Southwest airlines. Once in Vegas we use the shuttle and are dropped off in what looks like an alley behind the Paris casino. A bellman is there to point us in the direction of check in. This is going to be a rather expensive stay for us. The five nights for the wife and I are going to cost over $900. Our friend is comped for most of his stay for a cost of only $100 for him. He assures us that after this trip and our play Vegas will show us some love and discount future trips. For the wife and I check-in takes 20min, for our friend around 5 as he walked into diamond check-in. I performed the $20 sandwich and mentioned that the wife and I have never been to Vegas and would like a view of the strip. It worked, we are on the 11th floor looking out at the Eiffel tower, the pool, the balloon and the Bellagio fountains. The view could not have been better. We unpack, wash up and head down to get our game on. First off all 3 of us get on the Great and Powerful Oz machine. We love this slot machine, then hit a StarWars machine we had never seen before. After that its time for PaiGow poker. Table minimum is $25 right now so I buy in for $110. Have good luck and play for an hour. Wife and friend are hungry so we go to some gourmet burger joint in the Paris casino. Food is great and the 50oz blue moon with a splash of OJ in the collector glass mellows a guy out. And the servers in this joint are hot in their little outfits. We tour the Bally's casino that is attached to Paris then head out to watch a Bellagio fountain show. Wow, that was cool and by then we are pretty worn out and head up to our rooms. Day one comes to an end I'm up $40 and the night view from our window is amazing.
Day 2 starts early for me as I wake up and am out the door at 3am. Wife is still in bed, I guess she needs more than 4hrs of sleep, what a weirdo. I play a bit more PaiGow and the early dealers are very fun to play with and the cocktail waitresses are quick with juice. I win $60 at the table then feed it back into the casino playing Xtreem video poker. I find my buddy in the casino around 6:30. I go up to the room and tell my wife its breakfast time. She get's up and we head over to Bally's to Nathans for a breakfast special. They are right across form the sports book. We place some NFL bets and eat a big breakfast. After eating we watch the first set of NFL games and lament how our Colts have fallen from superpower status. We play a bit in Bally's, and I do not like it as much as Paris. It's just not as nice. It feels like one of the casino boats in Indiana, just bigger. We set out to check out a few casinos, Bellagio, wow, this place is huge and really nice. I have never seen so many women that would rate a 10 in my life truly a sight. I play some SicBo and some slots. Win at SicBo and just give it back at the slots. I like this place, but my wife finds it a bit too stuck-up. We then go over to Planet Hollywood, I like this place and so does the wife. We play we loose we move on to NYNY. We play some PaiGow and I find the fact that the hearts on the cards have been replaced with apples cause me issues. My brain just struggles with this and I miss a flush but the dealer catches it and I get paid. Over all NYNY seems ok. We take the trip up the Eiffel tower which provided a great night view. I end the day down $100.
After a very fine breakfast in a Paris cafe we hit Imperial Palace. We eat at some Mexican place in there for lunch and I get my ass handed to me by Aretha Franklin on 3 card poker. But I hit a $100 winner on a penny slot machine and walk out a little a head. The place is a bit trashy but not as bad as some have said, perhaps the rooms are worse than the actual casino. We also go to the Flamingo. For the first 10min the coconut smell is nice, but it gets annoying after that. If the scent is in the rooms this place would be unlivable. Then to Bills Gambling hall. This place has nice low table minimums and even nickel video poker. We see the Big Elvis show which is really good. The guy really does sound like Elvis. But he performs 70's era Elvis. I prefer 50's era Elvis myself. But it's a good show. This place feels like a downtown joint that happens to be on the strip. Which is to say it's cheap, smoky and the people look a bit used up in here. However I win some money so the place is cool by me. We head back to Paris and have Pizza for dinner. I end the day up $80.
Well day 4 we take inventory of our clothes and find we did not pack quite enough. So some shopping is in order, but can't do that on an empty stomach. Bellagio breakfast buffet. Very nice, food was amazing and they have the largest rotisserie I have ever seen. This thing looks like it can do over a hundred. birds at a time. It's like a poultry Auschwitz, the scale is crazy. We walk through the conservatory after breakfast. They are doing a fall display currently. The smell is wonderful and the beauty indescribable. A must see. We then head over to Casers play a bit before shopping. I have a great PaiGow run and end up $100. We both love the look and feel of this place. Might have to stay here someday. We then go over to the forum shops and buy more shirts and underwear. We head back to Paris and play a bit more then go down town for the Fremont street experience. We drink, and drink some more, I buy some frozen drinks from one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen that was dancing on the bar just a moment before. We go to pretty much every casino, all are smoky and rather trashy with the exception of the Golden Nugget. This place has an amazing pool, the shark tank in the pool is very cool, If we were to stay downtown this would be the only place we would consider. Wanted to buy some gold from the gold vending machine but it was out of service. The light show of Fremont was cool but I hate the doors thus the music was not to my taste this time around. We head home for Paris. End the day down $80 which is amazing considering how much money I have gambled today.
Today is the last full day in Vegas. We eat at the Paris Buffet for breakfast. It's quite good almost as good as the Bellagio. We play a bit in Paris and have lousy luck. I loose $120 in an hour. We head out to see some more casinos. We hit Cosmopolitan. This casino sucks. I would rather stay in one of those downtown dives than here. It's more a mall than a casino. It's like a chick casino, the gaming is an after thought that the squeezed in between stores. I don't feel like I'm in a casino it has no vibe. Get me out of here. We head back to Bally's to get the shuttle to Rio. Now Rio rocks the cocktail waitresses are hot and scantly clad and the drinks are good. We play a startrek slot that was addictive and some PaiGow. I could stay here the rest of the day but we go over to the Palms to play a game called 7-14-21. The Palms is ok. We play here a bit and I collect a few of their $5 chips. I swear I bought into a game with $100 and every chip in my stack of $5 chips was different. Man I don't think this place has anything but collector chips. This place was cool but I would rather be back at Rio with the beautiful cocktail girls or at Paris with the fun dealers. We go back out to Fremont street and watch the spray can artists (which are very talented) and play quarter video poker at the Californian which has machines that take and payout with real quarters. Have a good time. The DJ in the street was very good. We head back to Paris and off to bed. Today was a bit rough down $300.
We get up and have breakfast at the Paris café again. And go back up to pack. It has been a good vacation. We did not come close to doing and seeing all that we had wanted to see, but that just means we need to come back next year. I showed up in Vegas with 394 tier points on my Harrah's card. I popped it in a machine just to see that it is now and it read 976. Not a big player but my Diamond level buddy states that is enough play that next time my rooms will be quite discounted. I think next time we will stay at either Paris again or Rio or Caesars. These 3 places just felt right. The places I liked least were Cosmo, Flamingo and Every place down town with the exception of the Golden Nugget.