Left Midway airport late afternoon. Arrived LV around 9pm local time. Did usual car rental from Thrifty using the Blue Chip card. So much easier having the card as you bypass the desk at the rental building and go directly to the garage and get a car. Very slick.

Checking in at Monte Carlo was fast and easy. No need for $20 trick as we don't look out the windows unless we're across from the Bellagio. And of course, we weren't. We like this hotel for the location and pricing. I really like it for the location of the poker room. Quiet and off the casino floor.

Monday night we gambled a little with slots and went to bed before 11. Old fogies, I guess. Tuesday we gambled a while at the MC. I shot craps while she slotted. Min at the craps tables then was $5 so I bought in for $100. At that level you can withstand some cold dice for a while. I went up and down for a while and finally cashed out with a $12 loss. Not bad for some entertainment.

We walked down to the Planet Hollywood casino and ate at the Spice Market buffet. We feel it's one of the best on the strip. I don't recall the price, but think it was around $17 each. It had everything we wanted and since we usually eat twice daily, it fit the bill. We walked all the way around the Miracle Mile (felt like a mile, too) and she bought some cosmetics from one of the shops where they come out and sweet talk the lady into coming in while they give her a "complimentary" facial or some such thing. Well she got what she wanted and was happy, so who am I to question, eh? I checked out the poker room for tournaments and found they have two a day. Buy in was $60 I think. We played some slots for a while and left.

On the way back to MC we shopped at some of those souvenier shops on the east side of the street near Walgreens. Surprisingly they had T shirts for $10 that were of decent quality. Since I forgot to pack any, I got a couple. Still like them, too!

We went to the pool at the MC that afternoon. Nice and hot and the lazy river was cool. It was a nice place to unwind for the afternoon. Later we drove down to the Venetian and ate at the Grand Lux. We make it a point to go there every trip and it never disappoints. I love their pot roast dinner. It would be hard to get a bad meal there. I've had cheese burgers, pot pies and chicken dinners in past visits. Good eatin', man.

We also visited Bally's and the Flamingo to check them out. Flamingo was too large and so many people we just didn't feel comfortable there. Bally's was just right. I like the lay out of the casino floor and the poker tournaments aren't too expensive. And if you want cheaper gambling go to Bill's next door, or O'Shays. Back at the MC we gambled at slots until bed time.

Wednesday I got in the 9 am poker Hold 'em tourney. Only 10 of us played and after an hour and a half I was the first to bust out. My boat lost to a bigger one. The tournament director, Jim, said it was a record that no one busted out earlier. Made me feel... special. Yeah, right.

Not sure what we did most of the day... I know I shot dice and made around $20, and I did take the rental car back as the Kia Soul we had was making a loud banging noise when ever we went over a speed bump or hit some rough road. I think the exhaust was loose. Anyway I took it back while she relaxed and the exchange was very easy. Plus, the gas gauge was still on "full" so I didn't fill it up. I got another Kia Soul as the only other choice was a Chevy Malibu. I know, get American, but it was just too small of a car for us.

On the way back I stopped at Whole Foods to stock up on some fruit and stuff for the room. Nice place. Located south of Mandalay Bay about a mile or so. And after that.... we went to a show. She bought tickets to Donny and Marie Osmond before we left Indiana. I was not too excited about the show but let me tell you, they put on one heck of a performance. I don't care for their music but they were entertaining. We were less than 20 feet from the stage and my lady was totally enthralled. Donny nearly sweat on us. So the trip was a total success in her eyes.

Thursday morning we ate at MGM Grand's buffet. It was early and it just opened and the selections were very slow coming out. Coffee was excellent, tho. And we found enough to satisfy ourselves.

I played in that mornings hold 'em tourney and went out two places out of the money. Argh.... but there was a 2 pm game, too and I got in that one. After 3 hours we battled down to 5 players and talk of a chop came up. I was chip leader - or very close to it - and balked at the chop. But we finally did split it up based on how much we had in chips. One of the young guns got out his smart phone and figured what each thousand dollars in chips was worth. I got $200 and was happy I made a profit for the three tourneys I played in. And honestly, the three hours went by fast. I got in a zone and tried not to make any mistakes. Push others off hands when you know to do so... play semi agressively and establish a table image. You get the drift. I went all in 5 times and survived. Lucky.

Later I got on a craps table (with a $5 min) and had a good run. When I shot dice I must have held the dice for at least 20 minutes. Hard 8's, several points and lots of place bets rolled in. It was one of those magical times when the table is nearly full and everyone is shouting with every toss of the dice. High fives and stack them chips! After I sevened out the table went luke warm and the chips started to dwindle. I walked to the cashier and took my $38 profit. Not much, but I had fun. Some guys tip the dealers while playing. I like to place bets for them. I often throw $2 out there and play hard 8 and hard 6 for the crew. They like it and it's a $9 tip if it hits. Feels right to me, anyway.

It was our last night there and I walked back to the poker room and bought into a $1-3 no limit game. Problem was the table was full and there were 4 young guns there. You know the type - every hand was raised pre flop. I couldn't see a flop for less than $13 after a $10 raise. I waited for a hand and none came. Finally I got a spot where no one seemed to have a hand and I raised it up $20. It all folded down to me and I raked it. I didn't show the hand, but it was the most money a 6 3 off suit hand ever got me. I got up and walked.

Friday - our last day. We ate at MC's buffet and enjoyed it. We bummed around Paris and Bally's again. Walked a lot and drove up north and found that pawn shop that's on TV. Gold and Silver Pawn. It looks just like on TV. We didn't see anyone we knew but there were so many people in there that I believe the factoid that said over 3000 people visit daily.

We finally took the car back and headed to the airport. We did amazingly well as I only lost around $200 of what I brought. That included gambling losses and some dinners and tips. Not bad I feel.

The good and bads of this trip:

Good -
The poker room at MC is tops in my book.
The wife would say the Donny and Marie show was the best.
We both liked the slots at MC as we play some penny games for a quarter to 50 cents a pull. They were a lot of fun and we hooted and hollered a bit there.
The buffet was also very good.
Their pool was nice as it was mid to upper 80's while we were there.
7 7's taste good anytime of day or night. Ahhh.

The Bad -
Sheets and pillows were below average I felt. Sheets were thin and pillows thin, also.
We played using our Mlife players cards and after all that play I think I had earned a large coffee at Starbucks. I know we're not high rollers, but come on. That seemed cheap.
Trying to check out using the computer it locked up and I had to go down and check out at the desk.

All in all we had a great time. When getting air fare we found Tuesday nights had cheaper flights on Southwest.

Good luck to all and keep filing these trip reports!!