Flight from San Antonio on Southwest early morning 6am flight, both flights were 20 minutes early

Rented car from Dollar, price went down like 8 times, keep checking the website mid-size for 19.79 per day about 33.00 with all of the fees, taxes etc. Upgraded for free by Dollar.

When we arrived, we went and had breakfast at Ellis Island $ 4.99 Steak and Eggs with the fixins. Didn't think food was quite as good as in the past.

Checked in at California $ 25.00 Facebook Special per night for 2 nites, room was okay in West Tower. No coupons, promotions, free play, match play anything. Attitude at check-in was blah.

Last night was at Golden Nugget, $ 42.00 Spooktactular Special (email) including 2 free show tickets to Gordie Brown and 2 free Breakfast Buffets. (front desk was very nice and for $ 10.00 tip offered choice of Gold Tower or Rush Tower and offered to change free buffets to choice of breakfast/lunch/dinner.) Well worth the $ 10.00, Carson Tower rooms normally come with promotions.

Random Thoughts -
Strip and Downtown was very busy Monday through Thursday
Cabbies, Hotel Employees said that much busier since first of year.

Less sexually oriented advertising, still there but not so aggressive

Employees at Golden Gate were incredible and hoping you won. Pancakes at Du-Pars were incredible. Use the Las Vegas Advisor coupon with 25 points on slots (25 dollars since 1 point per 1.00.)
If you're nice the players club will give you other coupons.

Buffet at Red Rock (Station) not good, employee including manager were rude.

Buffet at Golden Nugget very good, be forewarned that if you give a compliment, you may get a hug. (not in a bad way, they are just so happy when they get a compliment that they are ecstatic, it was sweet)

Several places had new break-in Blackjack Dealers who paid off when they actually won. The floorman would catch it and let you keep the money and coach the dealers, but again not meanly. First time I ever saw this, happened 3 times.

City Buses Strip and Downtown Express are now $ 7.00 for a 24 hour pass and $ 5.00 for 2 hours. They were very busy.

Cosmopolitan had long lines at the Players Club, they give you your choice of 3 promos, either $ 100.00 back when you lose $ 100.00 on slots, 10.00 free play or spin the wheel and win. The energy in the Cosmopolitan wasn't good for me either, but that is another story.

Thanks Everyone and Good Luck