Traveled on Allegiant. Arrived at Terribles about midnite. The shuttle arrived in about 18 minutes. They didn't have my reservation!? But she soon worked it out. The front desk is a lot friendlier since they changed hands. Went to the room and unpacked
even though I am only here for 2 nights. The rooms are large but a little dark. They gave me a choice of room site. So was very happy with the service, I am a "regular", this was my 5th stay.
Next morning I get up and play vp for a couple of hours and go up to the breakfast buffet, but its Sat. so they have brunch. I use a food comp for this meal, it is 8.99 with card. The food is ok. The BF buffet used be a value and good as they had an egg station, now they have horrible scrambled eggs.

After breakfast I showered play some more vp. Then I walked down or east on Flamingo to the Albertsons and bought a 5 day all access bus pass. Its a good walk but I enjoyed it, took the bus back to Terribles. Play some more VP with a drink or 2, I really enjoy those crown and cokes. I was up about $100 and should of quit because I wanted to hit the lines at the Bellagio about 3. But I played more and lost about $50. Thats the lure of the siren in the vp machines.

Great meal at the Bellagio, one of my favorites. Made my way back walking, stopped at the tuscany for a little play on a nickel slot that I like old style 5 nickel, I won 10 bucks. Made my way to Terribles and played vp went up for the day. Ya, Ha.
This morning is check out so I went up or west to the Tuscany for a steak and eggs breakfast used points for this. It was good, and of course the price was right! Went back to hotel packed up, check out was smooth and took the 202 west to the Gold Coast.
Check in was quite and polite. To the room I went. The rooms are nice but small, I had a little view of the strip and my rooms were comped so I as happy as a pig in slop, except I missed Mass today. I have in the pass attend at the Cathedral and the chapel downtown. But my logistics and time were out of whack. After unpacking, I hurry to my vice of the vp machines. I play for a while and then, head out for a trip downtown. I have a gift certificate for Dupar's. I 1st stop and play at the El Cortez, I have a $10 free play, they have removed the machines I like, but fine some 8/5 Bonus. So I play, no drink service so I leave with $10.
I check out the Heart Attack cafe its looks interesting, but not my cup of tea by myself. So its off to the 4 Queens for a little play and a drink, it fun and a lose a little. I walk around and then head to Du Pars, it an old fashion diner and noted for it pancakes.
I have a $50 dinner for 2. So the waiter suggests I got to the club and ask them split it, so I try but no luck, no big deal. By the way I was suppose to have a friend meet me, but he was a no show. So I see a woman looking at diner signs and I catch up to her and invite her to dinner, I show her the certificate. But no luck! The food is very good. I start with a Caesar salad and onion rings, I then have
the halibut dinner and a slice of coconut custard pie. I am really full. It is good and I plan to return next trip. Back to my home base and more play and bedtime for bonzo.
Monday, I get up early as usual play a little get a half off buffet. The Gold Coast breakfast buffet is very good, they have a egg station and lots of variety. Its a good deal at full price.
After breakfast I head out to the Alliante Station for the 1st time!
1hour 1/2 out and 1hour back by bus. It is a real nice casino. I play a little, win about 30 and head back. This was on my bucket list for this trip, so I feel good.

Its back to senior day at the Gold Coast, I think it was 4 xtimes the points. I am up and down for the day. I think I was only down about $200 for the trip. I ate dinner at the Noodle Exchange, I had the crispy duck and a chicken and vegetable plate it was good and more than I could eat. It came to about $18 without the tip.
Tuesday- Breakfast buffet at Gold Coast and some play, then the shuttle to the Orleans, they are having a slot tour. and it is also a senior day. I lose a $100 on a Dueces Wild but I earn a swipe at the kiosk which got me 50 in free play and left with 68 and a $4 movie ticket. I left and hit the Planet Hollywood look for the free play wheel or whatever could find and lost $40. I visit the Margaritaville casino real quick. I went on down to the Ellis for an Amber while I lost $40 as my ex gf used to say it is a $41 beer. On my way back I stop off at the Cosmo for some play but they removed a decent .25 machine so I go to the Aria and lose $100 on dollar machine. I drown my sorrows at Greenbergs at NYNY pastrami and a Dr. Browns. The rye bread is a little dry and so is the pastrami, I am disappointed. Back to the Orleans, I already saw the Immortals with one of my sons, so the Tower Heist it is! I thought it was great. Back to Gold Coast where I do quite well making up for losses and then some. But I am down about $200.
Wed. Morning- last time to win or lose. Early on I head to Terribles
I want to earn and reward some sweatshirts for friend at home. Well I play and lose about 250 and can only get 1 sweatshirt.Great deal! Breakfast at cafe. Back to GC and take buses to airport.