Some background info. My DH 30 and myself 31 moved to Las Vegas this past April from Toronto Canada for a job offer. We decided to have a little staycation to let loose and get into vacation mode. This TR is 90% about slot play, so if that doesn't interest you, you may want to skip this.

My DH bought me MJ Immortal Tour tickets a few months back as a birthday gift and since we had an offer at Mandalay for 2 nights plus $100 freeplay, we decided to book it and make it into a staycation. DH took the day off work and we headed to Doggie District to drop the furry kids off so they can have a full weekend of playtime. From our door to Mandalay it took about 20mins (shortest trip to Vegas ever for us!) We checked in around noon, no line and were upgraded to a room at THEHotel, so tipped $20 and off to our room on the 36th floor. Open the curtains and no view, which is fine with us. We dropped our bags and headed downstairs, no time to waste as we have some gambling to do!

We started doing some hit and run slots. WOZ 3rd spin in, Glinda comes out, gives 3 wilds and turns my 20 into 50 something dollars. Walked over to some 5 cent luxury slot, a few spins in we get 3 double wilds and 2 cars giving us about 30 extra. A couple max bets on reel money we hit the 4th highest progressive for about 87. Walked over to play some quick hits and managed to hit 6 quick hits and then a bonus immediately afterwards hitting just over 100. Played some Two for the Money, down 30 then hit the bonus for 16 spins and ended up winning about 70 on that round. Put 20 on black and it hit so walked to the sports book to make some NFL bets which we ended up losing. The whole time here, we ordered drinks twice and both times the drinks decided they didn't want to show up.

We were feeling pretty good and decided to head over to Casino Royale for some cheap drinks(as it was clear we weren't going to get any from Mandalay) and some play. This is where things took an ugly turn. Everything we touched turned to dirt. The machines here were just laughing in our faces as we made the angry gamblers decision to just lose everything in hopes something would be nice-not a chance. Picked up our funbook for the $50 so called free play on those ridiculous promotional machines to take a break and just have a drink. Afterwards we walked over to Venetian to see Winter in Venice and the people skating around, while it was very pretty with the lights, it was just too cold to be standing outside. Sad coming from a Canuck, but that's what acclimatization will do to you! We headed inside, walked around on the casino floor but didn't play anything. After we were warmed up we headed back to Mandalay as it was 9pm and the Michael Jackson show was to start at 10.

We get there at 945, go through security, no line and we find our section but are told to head over to another to be upgraded. We get there and are given floor seats for our nosebleeds, sounds good to me! The place was dead and the show was to start in less than 15mins (or so we thought). I guess with it being so close to the holidays, they weren't able to sell enough tickets to pack up the place so the show didn't start until 1030 as everyone was trading in for better seats. Show finally starts, opening act'one word'WEAK! The show was pretty good, some parts were fantastic and the music was of course great, but I am sure it would be better if they had a permanent location. After the show we were to meet up with some friends but we were too exhausted (probably from losing everything) so we texted to say no can do and headed to bed.

Woke up at 1030, lots of people up and down the hallways which meant, it's a new day and time to pick ourselves back up and enjoy our only full day on this mini vacation and get some coffee!! Headed down the THECafe (I think that's what it's called) ordered a coffee and lemon meringue bar (delicious!) and headed for valet. Tipped the valet guy, hopped in the car and booked Jimmy Shubert tickets at the Hilton for the 10pm show on Fillaseat.

Decided to head over to Cosmo to find this secret pizza place. Got there, self parked and took us less than 5 mins after walking in the door to find it. The tips online make it far too easy, but it was fine with us as we were hungry!! Ordered 3 slices that just came out of the oven, it was good, not the best, but good and headed to the casino to do the $100 promo. Went to ask how it worked, she checked to see if my DH was eligible (which she says he was) and proceeded to play some slots. We played a variety of slots for 4 hours on $20. We did our hit and run play again. Hit a $60 progressive on some Monopoly slot, $80 or so with 6 quick hits and some other random wins. After more than 5 hours, we finally lose the $100 and head back to the booth to have 100 loaded back on the card. The guy now says that my DH is not eligible as it is for new players only. We tell him that is not what it says on the website and the other lady earlier said he was, so without argument, he loads it up. I decide to sign up as I do not have a card for the Cosmo and do the $100 slot loss as well. We didn't win a thing on DH's 100 back, and then I proceed to lose my 100 very fast on 5cent quick hits. After my 100 was gone, I went back to the booth, had my 100 back loaded on my card and headed over to the 1cent quick hits. Got 5 quick hits on the first spin for about 17 and a bonus immediately after. Turned my 100 free play into 153 real money, cashed out and headed for TI.

Got to TI and this is where everything we touched turned to gold. Put $5 into the playboy bunny quick hits and got 2 wilds and 3 bunnies for $100. Switched machines and hit a bonus after 2 spins resulting in a $78 dollar bonus win. Went to the Hot Zone playboy machine (who doesn't love a bunch of nice boobies bouncing around!) Playing 80 cents a spin, we could not lose. The wilds just wouldn't stop landing-Drink service was phenomenal! Almost every spin we were hitting big win after big win. Got 4 bonuses for I believe 9 spins at 5x and the two bottom rows were completely covered in wilds resulting in a big win for 153. We went to that machine with 20 turning it into 360. It started to get cold after about an hour, so we moved over to the second chance mega winners. We put in 20 and walked away with almost 200. Our big wins on it were one hit for $100, then $80 , $40 and then $20 plus little wins here and there. So of course, we were in super good moods, bouncing around from machine to machine and leaving TI with more than we started our trip with, plus we still had that $100 freeplay at Mandalay we have yet to use.

We decided to leave TI on a high note and ventured over to the Hilton to see Jimmy Shubert. For those that don't know him, he guest starred on many shows such as King of Queens, 2 Broke Girls etc. When we got there, I picked up the tickets, we played a little bit more hot zone Playboy, turned a 20 into 44 and headed in to the show. The show was great! Definitely not for the easily offended. Ended after an hour, we decided to head to Mandalay and play our $100 freeplay. Stuck it in a quick hits, turned it into $170 real money and went in search for more Hot Zone Playboy. My DH picked this machine from a bank of them by how warm the airflow seemed as we were cold lol. All I can say is Good Choice! I would not have wanted to be anyone who was around us at that time. This machine would not stop! These wilds were on our side tonight and we were not complaining! Bonus after bonus, I started to think it was ridiculous. If any of you know these machines, you know that the bonus just doesn't want to come out, but not tonight folks! We started with a 5 and ended with $232. The machine started to get cold after a good couple hours, so we cashed out and made a run for it. There was no way we were losing this. So we headed to bed and I just couldn't get to sleep. I kept hearing the Playboy bonus music and seeing the game every time I would close my eyes. Looked at the clock, it was past 4am and we had to check out in the morning. Only good thing is there was no car rental facility or airport to go to and that made me a very happy girl.

Woke up, checked out, got coffee and headed to TI to see if our luck was still there (this is something you should never ever do) Headed over to Playboy quick hits, 3 spins in and hit 1 wild and 4 bunnies for $100. Cashed out happy, got in the car, picked up the furry children (super happy to see them!) and headed for home. 20 mins later, lying on the couch, watching TV. Life is awesome.

The End.

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