Flew out on Southwest Airlines. Great flight. Great Service. Stayed at Main Street Station. The rooms have some age but they were clean and the beds were really fantastic on my 53 year old back. I like this place since it is a block away from the Fremont Freak Experience. Gaming was good at MSS. The buffet was good and reasonable. The walkway to California is handy. Being able to use the food comps at the Fremont was also a plus. Friendly staff and no resort fees of any kind made for a really positive experience.

For Las Vegas in general and downtown in particular, for the life of me I do not see why Vegas is getting away from their core business. I was told by several locals that the twenty-something’s are coming to town to party and not so much for gaming. Really! Spending several hundred dollars on exotic booze? Stay home and get drunk. This brings me to the Fremont Freak Experience. My wife and I have been coming to Vegas at least every other year since 1983. We have watched Fremont Street go from a cool walk between properties to an outdoor mall complete with kiosks, starving artists, exhibitionists and part time circus performers. The zip line and the god awful launching and landing pads which are huge eyesores that obscure views (like Oscars at the Plaza), has turned this two block stretch into nothing but a freak show. All of these properties that I suppose are now just corporate owned are copying one another. Wow do they really need wall to wall out door bars and strippers? Like Vegas does not already have enough alcoholism to deal with! Maybe I am just getting older, but I sure miss the Vegas of the 1980’s.

We always like staying downtown since casino hopping is so easy. Now we have to dodge the freaks, card snappers, cardboard carrying homeless (which I wander how many really are homeless?). We will keep going to Vegas because it offers the best selection for casino hopping but I sure wish I could have two wishes granted. 1) I wish Vegas would go back to just gaming, cheap food and free drinks during gaming. 2) I wish vacationing families would take their kids to Disney and stay out of Vegas.

Food- Free meals no complaints.
Room- Clean, comfortable beds, free in room safe and no resort fees
Gaming- Hit approximately $2000.00 in Jackpots (brought home) and played all we wanted 12 to 16 hours per day, downtown and the strip.
Great trip number 13!