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My wife and I left Dayton on the 28th of September on Southwest Airlines at 5:00 pm and arrived in Las Vegas at 8:00 pm. Trip had a brief layover both to and from Las Vegas in Denver. Both flights left on time and there were no problems. My only concern is that flights on Southwest are no longer the bargain they were a few years ago. Took a taxi to and from the airport and also to the Strat, the Orleans and Paris. Still one of the better ways to get around if you are not going far from the strip.

HOTEL - We had 4 nights at Harrah's for a total cost of $77. We love staying here but Ceasars has scaled back on their offers. We may have to look for a different location next trip. Room was on the 10th floor and there were no complaints. Beds were very comfortable and the maid did an excellent job each day.

FOOD - We ate breakfast 2 days at Hash House A Go Go at the Quad. This was muck more affordable than the breakfast buffet at Harrahs. We had Egg Scramblers one day and French Toast and Waffles the other time. Both were excellent choices and cost only $30 including tip.

Another breakfast was at McDonalds that included McMuffins and potatoes. Also they have a great pumpkin pie at Micky D's.

For dinner one night we ate at the Top of The World Restaurant at the Stratosphere. This was for my wife's birhtday. A litle costly at $200 but makes for a nice special occasion destination. We had the Filet and NY Strip and shared a twice baked potato and salad wedge and each of us had a before dinner drink. Food was very good and you can't beat the view.

Our other evening meals were at California Kitchen where we always go one night for pizza. We were going to eat at Big Als (another favorite at the Orleans) but when we got out of the movie it was closed so we settled for Applebees.

Lunch included Nathans Hot Dogs at the Flamingo food court and Chicken Salad and cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory at Ceasars.

SHOWS - Went and saw Jersey Boys at Paris. Got center orchestra seats and the show was fantastic. I would rate it second only to the Beatles Love.

Took in a movie at the Orleans one evening. They have Senior Discount Day and my wife and I both got in and had a popcorn and 2 drinks for $20.

GAMBLING - My wife and I like to play Hold Em Poker and Blackjack. I also played some 3 Card Poker and spent a lot of time betting football and baseball games at the Sportsbook. We also entered a daily poker tournament at the Quad. All together we ended up losing about $200 for 4 days which is not bad at all. Did miost of our gambling at the Quad and Flamingo.

OBSERVATIONS - Weather was great with daytime temps from upper 70's to mid 80's. Great weather still in September for a morning at the pool.

Vegas did not seem too crowded the weekend we were there. There did not seem to be as many porn slapppers and time share sellers this time although they need to cut back on the characters that want you to take their picture with them. Some of the costumes are looking a little worn.

Make sure to drop something into the cup of the Vietnam Vet who is stationed by the walkway near Venetian. He seems like the only deserving person who advertises for help.

Hope to return in March for March Madness. Still looking for a good flight and plan to stay at the Orleans.