My wife and I left behind extreme sub zero temps and ice and snow for some pretty cold temps for Vegas but much better than what we left behind. Uneventful and on time flight on United from okc. Checked into Caesars well before check in time to a comped forum tower room for 5 nights. Nice room! No complaints. No buffet dining this trip, just restaurants. The NFR was going on which we did not attend but we did make it to the, I think it's called the fan fest, at the convention center. Even if you are not a rodeo fan, this fan fest was well worth the price. Free! More western ware, art, hardware, music, food, etc. etc. than you can see in one day. Very nice people and atmosphere. You should go if you are there during the NFR. We saw two shows this trip. Dwight Yokum, at the Golden Nugget and the Million dollar quartet, at Harrahs. Both shows were very very good.

We did the usual mall shopping and so on. My wife is not a gambler but I love to play in the hotel poker tournaments. This was my first time to play at Caesars poker room and must compliment all of the poker room dealers and staff. They are the best in every way and the poker room itself is very nice. I also did very well on video poker this trip. We look forward to all the coming changes with the linq project. Things look like they are coming along. I know the Barbary Coast and O'sheas have been gone for a while but they are missed and not forgotten. You know Vegas, anything that is new will be old in a few years and replaced or changed. Any way, we look forward to our next trip to Vegas. We hate to leave but look forward to going back. Happy Holidays to you all!