Flew from Kelowna at 4:00 on December 26th and had smooth as silk check in, and early departure. Arrived in LV at around 6:15, earlier than expected with a flight from the UK on our tails. Customs people were wonderful hurrying us through the check in procedure to avoid massive line ups from another full plane. Took a cab ride down to the Four Queens which set us back 50.00. Perhaps we took the long way around? Have never gone from Airport to Freemont, have only ever gone to the strip. Oh well, live and learn.

Arrived at the Four Queens (this was a first for us, have always stayed on the strip but decided to give it a try downtown.) No line up. Went straight to the counter and were given a room on the nineteenth floor. Should have been warned by the painted robins egg blue doors on the way to it, but what the heck - it is Vegas after all. Went in and I was dismayed to find a pretty low end room. Bathroom was pretty ugly, and room itself was tiny. View was okay, and could hear the music from Freemont, but we were only supposed to be in the room for a short period of time. I have to admit I whined a little, but my better half let me know that everything was fine, and we just needed a bed and a bath! Me, I like a nicer room, but if he was happy, I was going to be happy.

Went down to the street and made our way in and out of various casinos. Had lots of fun. Will have to admit that we didn't win anything to speak of, but were able to play for a bit on our money.

Binnions was fun - saw a couple of jackpots paid out here, and had a great experience in the Mermaid's place. Loved the fact that the machines used real coins. Nothing better than the sound of money hitting the tray when you hit the cash out button. Had a gourmet meal of hotdogs and French fries here for the both of us for a measly $6.00. You've gotta love it!

Went back to the hotel at about 12:30 and hit the hay. Room was stifling hot, and lo and behold there was no air conditioning. Even better, when we went to bed, my husband began the process of nearly rolling out if it on the left hand side. Had to crowd over to my side to stay in. Not hard to tell our first night's sleep was anything but!

Got out of bed at 7:00 and phoned down to the desk to see if they could do anything about the temperature. They said they'd send up a building engineer, and as promised, within about 5 minutes, Sir Richard appeared. He became my knight in shining armor. He explained that this side of the hotel was the original, and back when it was built nobody really cared about cooling. It is winter after all, and heat mode is what she wrote. He also suggested that we phone the front desk and ask for a new room in the South Tower. Apparently this is newer, and the air should work just fine. He was pretty amazed at the shape of the bed, and assured us the desk would help us out.

Well, I phoned and talked to a lovely woman who I believe was Imelda. I hope I got this right. She said to come right down and she would switch our keys immediately. She apologized for the inconvenience and encouraged us to hurry down before there was any traffic. We made it in about 10 minutes, and true to her word she had our keys ready and we made the switch. 19th floor in the south tower, and compared to the north it was a palace. Nice and clean, newer vanity in the bathroom - wonderful view, and man oh man air conditioning that worked! We were both very pleased. Only sorry we didn't speak up when we arrived. Lesson learned. All of the staff were terrific to talk to, and seemed more than willing to be of help. Would I recommend the hotel? Absolutely, but you must stay in the south tower. I never saw any other room in the older section, but if you're a cool sleeper it won't do in the winter.

Next two days just wandered up and down Freemont. Massive crowds of people due to New Years coming up. Loads of street entertainers, and terrific bands. Weather was amazing compared to what we came from. Once again, we had no big wins, but definitely could tell the difference between the strip casinos and Freemont. Maybe we were just hitting it right, but even though we lost every penny, we seemed to play. I'm sure this is what most of us want, even though a big win would be appreciated now and again!

Overall, it was a good trip. Too short, but sometimes short is good. Hopefully can come back in the summer, and will definitely try the hotel again. Liked the fact that Magnolias was always open, and seemed to be reasonably priced. Casino was a good size, and we had a good time. Only place we gambled where we had very limited drink service was the Golden Nugget. Everywhere else we were served almost as soon as we got into the Casino. Got smart and ordered an airport shuttle to take us back, and had a very hospitable gentlemen who made friendly conversation, and was enthused about Vegas in general. Naturally it was about half the price of the cab ride.

Viva Las Vegas! Love it!