Well, this was a very disppointing gambling experience. We have been staying at Sam's Town once or twice a year for the past 11 years and I think this trip will be the last time. We got there Thursday evening and after checking in I went down to play the penney slots. Well it didn't take five minutes and I was down $20.00. I went to another machine and put in $20.00 and that was gone, I then played another machine and got the Bonus on a $1.00 bet after spending about $14.00. I thought to myself what a relief! I won exactly $8.32 on 10 free spins, 3X the pay. This pattern continued. Spend $60.00 to get a Bonus of less than $15.00 or better yet, the Bonus never came up!

We thought we would go to the Cannery and then to Boulder Station. Big mistake! Their machines took me real good!

By the time we left on Monday afternoon I was down about $700.00. Some people might not think that's bad, but I am not a big gambler, just couldn't win hardly anything on the Tight Slots! They don't let you have fun because you constantly have to move to another machine and start over.

My family and I have always loved Sam's Town. They keep it clean. They have remodeled rooms and I get comps, but last year the slots were pretty tight and this year it was really bad. Also, the number of homeless people hanging around the casino made me feel uncomfortable. I left there sad and disappointed, again!