Las Vegas Trip Report March 2nd – 4th, 2013

Day 1 (March 2nd): After driving all night, my wife and I pulled into Las Vegas around 6am we located the Jockey Club where we were staying semi-free. Because about 8 months ago I was offered a deal for 2 2-night stays for $99.00 fully refundable on our second stay, all we had to do was sit though a 90 min. timeshare presentation. And since we were coming in early they offered us a presentation at 10:00am with a complementary breakfast at 9am.

After parking the car at the Jockey Club's parking lot, located at level 3B of the Cosmopolitans parking garage. We knew we had time to spare and My Vegas redemptions to redeem. We decided to walk down to New York New York, since their mLife desk is open 24 hrs. When we got there picking up our mLife players cards went smooth since we had signed ahead of time online, then we presented them with the redemption codes to the New York New York items ($75.00 Food and Beverage at The Sporting House, and 2 tickets for the Roller-coaster). Since we still had time to spare and a mission to each put $3.00 in the Lion's Share slot at the MGM Grand, in hopes that 1 of us would hit the Jackpot and win the massive amount of 2.29 million to change our lives forever. But of course we hit just what we expected 2 big old goose eggs and walk away like we hadn't even played the slot.

Then we walked back to the Jockey Club to check in for our breakfast and timeshare presentation. We figured the complementary breakfast was going to be rolls, coffee and juice. But we were surprised when we found out they were taking us to a complementary breakfast over at the Cosmopolitans Wicked Spoon buffet.

The Wicked Spoon was out of this world. I had a made to order omelet, homemade Italian sausage, carved before your eyes bacon, Korean BBQ spareribs, and cranberry juice, and for desert I had Tiramasu. Then we went back to the Jockey Club through the private elevator that links the Cosmopolitan and the Jockey Club together. And there's no reason to go into detail on the timeshare presentation. Because if you've been to one before you know how they go. After sitting with 3 semi-high pressure sales people we were fine given our meaningless free gifts that we really cared less about. Then about 90 min. we were released to see if we could check in to our rooms early. But our room wasn't ready so they told us we could try back again for an early check-in of 2pm or wait until the normal check-in of 4pm. Since had some more MyVegas prizes to pick up over at the Luxor.

So we made our way down the Strip to the Luxor to pick up our show tickets for Criss Angel from MyVegas, then we went to get our 2 complementary MORE buffet's. Then we started walking beck towards the Jockey Club to finely check-in. We stopped off at New York New York to have lunch at the Sporting House. We had no problems using our $75 MyVegas certificate. My wife had the French Dip with Fries and 2 Rockstars, and I had their version of a Cuban with coleslaw, ice-tea, and 2 Vegas Bombs. And we still couldn't use the whole $75.00, so all we had to pay was out tip for the server. Both sandwiches were so loaded with meat there was no we could eat them all the way. 

When we finely got back to the Jockey Club we got checked in and they had given us a 2 bedroom / 2 bath deluxe suite. But then its a timeshare so they're all suites. After getting fully checked into our room we sat around and relaxed. When it was time to get ready to go to dinner and the show, it was nice having 2nd bathroom. It saved a lot of time getting ready. When we left for dinner and the show we decided to drive down to the Luxor instead of walking. Dinner at the MORE buffet was decent and very surprised again when the hostess seated us at the same booth we had sat at last time we were in Vegas, June before last, we didn't even ask for the booth, its just where she seated us. After that we walked around the Luxor since it was about an hour before we could get in to the Criss Angel Theater. The seats were great and the show was good, even with all the mixed reviews I have seen. After the show we were so tired from working all day Friday and driving all-night we decided to head back to the timeshare to watch some tv and hit the sack for the next day.

Day 2 (March 3rd): This day we had plans to spend the day at Circus Circus and use our MyVegas redemption's for there, ($50 for Rock and Rita's, 2 All Day Passes to the Adventuredome, and 2 $50 Food and Beverages for Circus Circus). Picking up our prizes went real smooth, the $50 for Rock and Rita's and the Adventuredome passes were basicly gift certificate's. The 2 $50 Food and Beverage's were put on Circus Circus Players-club cards, doing this was is real nice because you are able to use them at more then one place.

After getting our certificates and Players cards we decided to head to the Adventuredome and get our 2 All Day / Unlimited Ride wristbands. The line and the ticket counter went fast and the counter person new what they where doing so it went smoothly. After that we walked around the Adventuredome and look to see what rides we wanted to ride after lunch. Then we went down to Rock and Rita's for lunch.

When we got there they said it would be a 10 min. wait for a table, and they weren't very busy. So I had no idea why the 2 of us would have to wait 10 min. for a table. After we were seated by the hostess, the waitress came over to take our order. My wife ordered the St. Louis Ribs with fries, and then the first thing out of the wateriest mouth was “I don't think we have any, since its before 4.” There was nothing on the menu that said the BBQ meals are only available after 4. But she did offer to go to the kitchen and check, shortly she returned and said they have them, them my wife ordered a Rockstar to drink and it figures the next thing out of the waitress mouth was we don't have any. It sure was strange for them to be out on Sunday at lunch time, since they have cocktails that use Rockstar on the menu, so she ordered a Sprite. I decided to order the Appetizer Sampler that included nachos, wangs (hot wings), fried ribs (deep fried bbq short ribs), chicken fingers, and fried pickle chips, and to drink ice-tea.

The waitress was very rude and unprofessional for working in the food service industry, and even more when I kindly asked if the tv in front of us could be changed from bowling to NASCAR. When our food was brought out, we were both very disappointed with the food. my wife's ribs were very dry and over cooked, and on my sampler the wangs were dry and way over cooked. the fried ribs were moist inside, the cheese on the nacho's was half melted and the fried pickles were dripping of oil. I'll tell you I've eaten in some bad places, but I would never go here again or recommend to anyone. We spoke to the manager about the food and service and she offered us a discount on our meal, but that wasn't going to matter since we were using a $50.00 credit from MyVegas, she took our certificate but never brought out our ticket or anything. And the family at the table next to us waited and waited for their bill after they got done eating, and still never got their bill and decided to finely just got up and walked out without paying. I guess if you're looking for a free place to eat as a family this might be the place to go since they don't care about their service or there food.

After that we decided it was time to head back to the Adventuredome and ride the rides. We had a good time, then we walked around and then had a drink. We went to the bar that was part of Rock and Rita's but they told us they didn't honor the $50 food and beverage because they are not part of Circus Circus, so decided to hit the bar in one of the slot area, they had no problem honoring it. After getting our drinks we decided to head back to our timeshare for a few hours and relax.

When it was time for dinner, with visions of the all-you-can-eat prime rib we had last time we where in town so we drove back to Circus Circus to eat at the Garden Grill. They didn't have the all-you-can-eat prime rib anymore, but it didn't bother me, since I didn't think I was hungry to eat more then 1 slab of out of this world beef. The prime rib was just as good as it was last time we ate there over a year ago, and the garlic mashed potato's are just out of this world. And my wife had the prime rib dip and the meat on it was fully loaded and moist. After that we went and rode a few more ride before heading back to the timeshare since we had to pull out early the next morning and get on the road back to Boise.

Day 3 (March 4th): After waking up and getting the car loaded, we check out and headed down I-15 towards Mesquite, NV to hit some last minute slots before leaving the state. My wife burned though her $20 and I ended up turning my $20 into $55, so it wasn't a bad idea to stop and play the slots for a bit. Well we finely end up back in Boise around 10pm and it was time to unload the vehicle and get some sleep, since work the next day was going to come mighty fast.