This trip started with my sister "V" and I flying from Toronto on Wed 17 April and flying to Phoenix to meet my girl freind "C" as she now lives in Glendale. All flights via Delta went smooth, only thing i would advise people is that they charge a $ 25.00 fee for every bag checked. At the gate there were people with bags too big as carry on, they anounce if you want to check any bags through to finial destination they will take them plane side and check them through for you to your finial destination. On the return flight we were delayed because of the air controler shortage so I ask a guy who checked his luggage plane side if he was charged and he said no thats why he waits and checks it plane side. When I eamiled Delta about their policy of 25.00 for a checked bag, but then do not charge when the bag is checked plane side and they just kept repeating that this was their policy and thanked me for checking my bags. So folks the moral of the story is with Delta do not check your bags until plane side and save yourself 25.00 a bag. Got to Phoenix and picked up the rental car, Ford Escape and we were on our way to the Howard Johnsons. This hotel is an older two story motor inn and was ok for the price. Driving was very easy with the GPS, I am a first time user of the GPS and found it very easy to use and kept me on track. We decided to visit the Talking Stick Casino and have the buffet. When we got to the casino we walked around and found the players club and got a card. C & V then went looking for some machines to play, while I went to the bathroom, V & C found a video poker machine and had started to play when I came back and just about had heart failure. This jacks or better machine paid 6/5. WOW, I knew full pay 9/6 was getting hard to find but this was the worst I had ever seen. This was on a 25 cent machine but even the dollar machines were 6/5. To say the least we did not gamble much here and just went for the buffet. We all rated the buffet as a little below average, nothing special, but it was a Wed nite so maybe that had something to with it. On Friday 19 April we drove to Vegas were we would be staying at the Palace Station until Wed 24 April. Check in went ok and we were able to get ajoining rooms so this made my sister very happy. There were a few small issues throughout the week, supper hot water in the toilet, fire alarm set off by a smoker blowing smoke into the smoke detector in his room, no paper on sunday morning, nothing big but enough that when I complained they agreed to wave the resort fee's, 14.95 a nite. First trip out was to the SouthPoint as the Arabian Horse Breeders World Cup was being held here. Back in Canada we would pay 100.00 to get into an event like this but at the SouthPoint this event was free admision. We spent Fri, Sat and Sun here at the horse show and loved every minute of it. Our first show was the Zarcana at the Aria, when I went to the box office on sat morning I wondered what kind of tickets I would be able to get. I ask about the balcony and was told no seats but they did have decent seats on the side about 15 rows from the stage for 75.00 each. We took these and decided we would do the Aria buffet before the show. We have been to the buffet before so we know it is limited but the quality is decent, they seem to have cut back alot on the fresh fruit. We get to the show room and I notcie the doors to the balcony are closed. This is not a good sign on a sat nite. In our row there were only two other people. So with the balcony closed and the main theater at about 75-80 % full this does not look good for a show that has just opened. We have seen all the circ shows and other than viv elvis have very much enjoyed them. This was a typical circ show with lots of gymnastics but no real story to follow, I can not see this show lasting. We all agreed it was the worst circ show we had seen. On Sun nite we go to the Luxor to see Menopause the musical, I found this funny and the ladies thought it was very funny and could relate to it. It is mostly ladies in the crowd with a few men draged along but believe me everyone was laffing and had a very good time. I highly recomend this show. On Mon nite we went to the Riviara to see a German magcian. The show was very good and the guy has a great sense of humor. The show room was full and was great value for the money. After the show the whole cast was out front to sign autographs and any pic's you want to take with them. We ate at fast food places and tried to avoid the buffets as they have gotten very expensive. We tried the Steak and shake at the south point and although the quality was good the meat patties they use are razor thin. One buffet that I have to recomend is the palace station buffet, I think it was 7.99, is a heck of a deal. They were cooking steak to your order and would cook you a hamburger, as good as i got at steak & shake, I still prefer Johnny Rockets burgers. Have never been to in & out burger, will have to try them sometime. In closing we all had a good time and felt we got good value for our money except for the Zarcana show. This is the first time I have rented a car and drove around Vegas but the GPS makes it so easy. Just so you know if you type in gold and silver pawn shop the GPS will not show it too you, the place from the tv show. This is because its name is gold and silver coin. Great place to visit if you have time. Thats it for now but hope to be back in the fall.