My wife and just got back from a one night stay at the Mandalay Bay. We live in Southern Cal and either drive up or fly for one to two nights. We love the Mandalay Bay, stay about four times yearly, and do not stay anywhere else. This visit, check in was long due remodeling at the front desk. In fact, many changes were noted, but all the positive to the resort we frequent and stay comped. Lunch was at the Slice of Vegas. It was early and not crowded. The Hostess tried to sit us on a two top about one foot from the entrance. I suggested that maybe we would want sit in the interior of the restaurant. OK no problem. The table was sticky and dirty. There was a can for something on the table that I grabbed and was filthy. Lunch. My Wife ordered a Pizza that she said was worst than most frozen pizzas she has had. She ate one bite, the boxed to go portion we left on a table at the Mandalay Place. I ordered the deli sandwich. It was something like you would throw together with leftovers if there was only three minutes to get out the door to work. Way too much garlic in the dressing. And the bread was flaking off crust while I was eating. Stale!!! Table service however was great. Dinner. HOB restaurant. We like this restaurant. We do eat at the upscale eateries often but this stay was fast and lean. I had the Market Street fish tacos. We are from So Cal and we know fish tacos. the presentation was better than nice but you could smell smelly fish when the waiter was five feet away. We also know, if you can smell fish, it is no good. My Wife ordered Meatball Sliders. They were completely inedible. One bite was all we could manage. We always like our stay at the Bay but avoid these menu choices.