Back again for a buddy's birthday trip. There were four of us traveling together. We flew from Des Moines during a snow storm (in May!), so it was great to get to the warmth and sun of Las Vegas. Uneventful flight on Allegient. Picked up by Presidential Limo and taken directly to the Plaza. Check in was quick. Room was on the 15th floor of the South Tower. Nicely remodeled room with a view of the pool. We met at the bar at Oscars for happy hour. One of the "broads" came over and spent a long time talking with our group. It seems she was a veteran, and two of the guys I was traveling with were Viet Nam vets, so they talked military talk. After drinks, we ate supper at the Market Street Cafe at the California. Everyone was happy with their food. The rest of the night is fuzzy- spent time exploring Fremont Street and watching the light shows. Friday morning we meet at the pool. It is a very basic pool, but there are plenty of chairs, and waiters were taking drink orders. It was nice to sit in the sun and relax. Later met for Happy Hour at the Mob Bar. Proceeded on to El Cortez for their Happy Hour and to watch the Elvis impersonator. Very good show and fun time. Supper ended up being hot dogs from the Coney Dog place at the "D". Friday night went back to the Mob Bar, it had been converted into a night club type atmosphere. Saturday, one of my Viet Nam vet buddies was suprised with a visit from a fellow Viet Nam. They had not seen each other for 47 years. We all went to lunch together at Cortez Cafe at Elco. Very good service and food. After lunch we hit the sports book to place our bets for the Kentucky Derby. Sat in the Parlour lounge for drinks and to watch the Derby. Very fun time. Theno to Oscars for Happy hour , then to the Triple 7 at MSS for supper. For me it was ok, no one really raved about their food. Onto East Fremont to hit some of the bars there, and Denny's for a late breakfast. Probably didn't crash until 3 am. Slept in on Sunday. Wanted to go to the pool, but it was cloudy and overcast and couldn't get in the mood. Ended up with the group hanging in the Plaza sports books playing the pony's. I just bet on a name that strikes me, but I kept on winning. Sunday night we splurged by having supper at Oscars. Very good food and service. I reccomend it. Kind of a low key night after that, because we had an early flight the next morning. Overall, a great trip. I had read negative comments about the Plaza on-line, but my experience with them was great. I wouldn't hesitate to stay there again. Until next time.