Left New Orleans on 7:00 AM Southwest flight and arrived in Vegas at 8:30 AM. We were with two other couples and were all excited to get in the action. Made our way to the Flamingo via taxi and stored our luggage at the bell stand. Had fast food breakfast and hit the VP machines in the Margaritaville Casino which is attached to the Flamingo. In less than an hour wife hits a straight flush and is up $250. Off to a great start!

Once we got in the room (roughly 3:00 PM) we had some down time before going to see Jersey Boys at 7:00 PM at the Paris. My wife and I had seen the show once before in New Orleans and loved it enough to see it again with one of the other couples who were seeing it for the first time. The show was equally as spectacular, especially since we all grew up in the era when the Four Seasons were in their prime and can sing most all of the lyrics to every song.

Before the show we had dinner at Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris Casino. Had an excellent meal of steak and frits whith a fantastic desert. Price was resonable for the quality of food and experience.

After the show we went back to the hotel and my buddy and I sat down at a $5 three card poker table. in less than an hour or so he and I were both dealt a straight flush. what are the chances of that happening! We left the table just after midnight up approximately $500 each. This added to a fantastic first day/night in Vegas!

While in Vegas we had many good to very good meals, none of which included a buffet. The other notable meals were dinner at PF Changs in Planet Hollywood and lunch at the Eiffel Tower restaurant in Paris. We ate lunch a couple of times at Margaritaville as well ... nothing special but edible.

My wife received a recommendation from her sister's work associate to try Batista's Hole in the Wall italian restaurant which happened to be a block behind the Flamingo. I was stoked about having some good Italian food but that didn't last very long. We had a party of six and once seated two bottles of wine show up on the table. We inquired as to why the wine was brought to us and the server said it's complementary. That should have been a warning of things to come. On top of that the server informed us that we would all receive a complimentary desert drink after dinner. Well, needless to say the meal was quite ordinary at best, bad at worst. We each ordered our own italian favorite such as veal parm, lasagna, etc. and no one thought that their dish was very good. What a dissapointment!

Back to gaming .... had various small wins/losses on VP and slots along the way. Without knowing exactly, I estimate that we may have lost $100 each overall during the entire trip ... which by my way of thinking is almost like winning compared to some of out other trips. During the trip my buddy and I played roulette at New York and lost about $80. Downtown, at Four Queens, we played craps for at least 2 1/2 hours and broke even. We were down a couple hundred each at some point and were lucky to get out even.

We all enjoyed our time at the old strip downtown and watched an Elvis impersonator for some time. It was a good free show! We went to the California to eat at the Market Street Cafe. Meal was good and inexpensive.

Before leaving Vegas I made a bet on the LSU vs. TCU football game at the Palazzo Sports Book laying 3 1/2 points. While it was a week later the Tigers came through and covered the spread. I have mailed my ticket in and should receive my winnings soon. Counting this win I came away from Vegas a winner!! Can't beat that for all the gaming and fun we had!

We all enjoyed the trip very much! We were there for a two day conference so that kept us out of the casino for a while (which was probably a good thing).

It had been about seven years since we had been to Vegas so I was very excited to be getting back out there. However, I left this time with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. This is because of the people trying to stop us on the street with free show or dinner offers (which require you to agree to tie up three or four hours at a timeshare property presentation), being hit up with "do you have a dollar to spare" from the bums/beggars and the many attempts at handing me "girls to your room" cards. While in Vegas we heard about smoeone having theit pocket picked as well.

Is this constant hustle going to continue or get worse? Sadly, If so, this may have been my last trip to the city I have always loved to visit!