After what seemed like an eternity, I finally made it back to the place I like best on Earth! LAS VEGAS!!

Flew United Airlines. Planes stayed in the air and we arrived on-time on all legs. What more can you wish for nowadays with flying!

I was blown away at the line OUT THE DOOR at the Airport Check-In office for Caesars Palace! I have never seen it that bad before. Not wanting to stand in line, I opted to try my luck with the check in line at the hotel. GOOD CHOICE! Walked into Caesars around 2pm on a Saturday and literally walked right up to a waiting clerk to check me in! Go figure!! Was given a beautiful room in the Augustus Tower facing the north strip. These rooms are outstanding. Thats really all I can say. They are beautifully decorated, Flat screen TV's in the Bedroom and the Bathroom, Robes, Beautiful Linens and really good quality toiletries. The next time I'm not given one of the rooms I hope I can rough it in one of the "other" towers at Caesars Palace! (they are all terrific).

I am a Roulette player and a Keno player with an occaional trip to a slot machine to break it up...but a VIDEO slot that has some sort of fun involved like a bonus round or something. Normal slots bore me.

Caesars Palace installed a new way to play Roulette called "Rapid Roulette". Each player has his own chair and a VIDEO screen of the Roulette Table. The Roulette wheel and winning number are still done the normal way but you work on your VIDEO screen to place you bets and there are no chips involved. Your screen holds your bank of credits and when your number wins, your bank is credited with the winnings. IT IS SO REVOLUTIONARY AND I WAS HOOKED ON IT!! Another great thing about it is .50ct bets!!!! Check it out on your next trip!

Wasted $125.00 to go to the 10:30pm show "O" at Bellagio. It is a "good" show but not GREAT. I felt it was way overpriced. I actually fell asleep during part of it! Not enough going on to keep me alert I guess!

Wishing you all the BEST OF LUCK on your next trip!!